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Love The Flexibility In Firmware 2.0

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Posted 11 October 2013 - 01:06 PM

Ok so after 3 tries to update my DT50 2x12 I finally was successful. I have a podhd500 as well so I was under the assumption that an update wasn't needed. I was wrong. To me some of the amp models sound better when run via midi straight to the DT 50 2x12. And the Boost switch was being activated quite a bit. I was totally in love with this amp before but now I'm ready to start a Cult and pass out kool-aid to profess my love for my amp. I have decided to run it somewhat traditional with my clean amps on channel A and Dirt on B. One question though. Now when I connect my pod500 it will all restore to default correct while the pod is engaged right? Is this permanent or when I disconnect the pod will it go back to the midi amps? I love the versatility as I've found myself in some mass jam sessions lately where it's been nice to go oh a fender would send better for this and then be able to go oh u want some more gain well maybe we can do a Soldano. I love it I am considering naming My first son DT50 or Line 6.
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Posted 11 October 2013 - 01:56 PM

If I understand the question, here's an answer...


First, this is assuming you are connecting via the L6 Link.


When the POD modeling is in affect, the DT50 will be in Channel A. And, all of the modeling parameters will come from the POD. The POD will not make permanent adjustment to the modeling parameters stored in the DT50. However, some parameters on the amp will change, to conform to the modeling specified by the POD. Once the L6 connection is broken or the POD Amp modeling is turned off, all the modeling parameters will be obtained from those stored in the DT50 Channel/Voicing banks.

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