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Usb Audio To/from Mac - No Sound Coming Back From Mac..?

usb recording playback

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#1 gordwait


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Posted 20 October 2013 - 02:11 PM

I've got the latest drivers installed, 

rebooted the Mac as required, and I used Mac preferences to set the audio for the laptop to the m20d choice. 


I can see audio coming in to the Mac, but when I play iTunes, nothing seems to come back out from the Mac to the m20d. 


I see in the FAQ it tells me I need to add a laptop icon to the stage, and then set levels, but I can't find one that accepts USB. 


I have used up the analog audio inputs, and when I try to drag the laptop icon to the stage it tells me 

"No jacks are available that can accommodate this icon."


I need a laptop icon with a USB input, but the only one I find has a stereo jack picture attached. 


Also, when recording into Logic, I can see the audio in, but at a very low level. 


Stuck... Help.. 


OSX 10.8.5, 

Line6 m20d driver 1.23

m20d firmware 1.2



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#2 gordwait


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Posted 26 October 2013 - 01:29 PM

Resolved my USB playback issue (and closed the ticket). Once I got it in my head to just use the same Laptop icon for either analog mini jack aux in, or USB stereo in, I was able to make it work. It would have been a bit more intuitive if the laptop icon changed to show a USB plug as opposed to a stereo analog input..


The bad news is yes, the USB record latency is huge (at least 1/4 second) making the m20d all but useless as a multitrack interface for a DAW like Logic etc. 

I'll have to keep my old presonus around instead of selling it off as I planned when buying the m20d..


Hopefully it's a driver thing, and not a hardware limitation..


The record levels thing is on purpose - to give live users lots of headroom, 0db on the M20d meters is -15.4 db "digital", whereas Logic uses 0db as "full scale digital"

so the audio in looks to be at -15.4 db when set to zero on the M20d. 


I'm actually ok with this, I changed the Logic metering section to one that shows more detail for lower signal levels: Preferences->Display->Mixer->Level Meters set to "sectional dB linear".  I also set Logic to 24 bit to match the M20d.

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