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(don't Force) Sets My Jtv To Mags

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#1 xpanmanx


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Posted 01 November 2013 - 12:47 AM

Greetings, for the first time I'm using the Variax cable between my POD HD Pro v2.1 and my JTV-59 v2.0.


At the moment, the Variax control is set to "(Don't Force) in all but one of my tones, which forces an acoustic model.  My JTV selects the correct model when this particular acoustic tone is called, but when I move on to another tone, the JTV model goes away and the mags come online.


I've also found that when I change tones which are programmed to "(Don't Force)", my JTV turns off the model and brings the mags online.


For the moment I would like it very much if my JTV would change models only when explicitly told (whether by the HD Pro tone or the model selector knob), otherwise it should leave the last selected model online as I tap through a tone bank.


Is this possible, and if so, how?


Thank you --

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#2 Rewolf48



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Posted 04 November 2013 - 06:03 AM

Not sure why you go back to Mags, unless you were using "Variax Mags" as the input on the HD rather than "Variax".


But you are quite right the HD forcing of JTV patches is not quite as well thought out as it might be.


If it set to Force then it will change the JTV, if the next patch is Don't Force then normally the JTV stays exactly where it was.


Which doesn't work too well if you don't want to have a forced JTV patch on every HD patch as if not careful you end up with Acoustic 12 string into Treadplate.


The much more logical behaviour is that when Don't Force is set then the JTV reverts to the selected knob positions on the guitar - but it doesn't work that way.  So you have to set all patches to a reasonable default and then change to what you really wanted, which sort of defeats the point.


It would also be great if you could "Force Bank" - that is if you have the JTV set to say Acoustic 3, and go to a HD Patch that forces to Spank 2, then you should be able to get to Spank 1 - 5 JTV patches using the switch even though the Bank Knob still says Acoustic.

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#3 anonyrat


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Posted 04 November 2013 - 08:07 PM

Ah wouldn't it be nice to have a "Force Bank" option. Then in hd edit select the bank e.g. Tele's and the you could select which tele  on the JTV guitar. :)

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#4 edstar1960


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Posted 03 December 2013 - 09:39 AM

Ah wouldn't it be nice to have a "Force Bank" option. Then in hd edit select the bank e.g. Tele's and the you could select which tele  on the JTV guitar. :)


I recently updated my JTV59 to the 2.0 firmware, and when I was trying it out with my HD500 via VDI, I noticed that it was behaving differently when Forcing models.  When I was on 1.71, if the HD500 FORCED a model on the JTV59 and I then moved the selector switch to a different position it would change the sound to the model that was in that position for the model bank as selected by the model bank knob on the guitar. In other words, moving the pickup selector switch over rode the HD500 setting, and reflected the settings on the guitar for the model.  But with v2.0, I noticed that moving the pickup selector switch no longer recognised the position of the bank knob on the guitar. Instead it would just move to a different model within the bank that the HD500 had Forced.  So, it seems to be working in a FORCE BANK mode with firmware v2.0.     I can't double check that at the moment - but I certainly remember that is what happened when I was auditioning the v2.0 sounds whilst attached to my HD500.  PS; The HD500 is on v2.1 firmware - one down from the latest.

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