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Which Should I Buy?

amp hd500 l2t

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#1 paulg2


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Posted 11 November 2013 - 08:33 PM

I have the hd500. Heard good things about both the DT25 & L2t. What have others purchased? Would like to get other users thoughts on this 

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#2 AndyParedes


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Posted 11 November 2013 - 09:36 PM

A lot of end users have either the DT or the L2, depends on what you are looking to achieve.  IMO - the DT is great if you plan to do primarily Electric sounds and/or you want a "traditional" amp look/feel.  the L2 can be switched between electric and acoustic modes via the HD500/X (the DT doesn't have an acoustic mode) and has a more modern look.  You can also run both and switch between the two speakers via the L6 link output to get the best of both worlds (I feel a Van Halen riff coming up in the distance ;)

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#3 joel_brown


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Posted 12 November 2013 - 07:38 AM

I found this old post.  It may help...



Just spent the morning with these 2, side by side, comparing the sound and feel of each one...


I had the DT25 prior to the L3T, cause I wanted to get the best guitar tone possible from my dream rig, and to be in control (for the most part) of tone and volume wherever I would play, and not the sound guy.


The DT25 is great...I mean, really great! Sounds awesome and has a great feel. Plus, it's really simple and easy to get the tone your looking for, and on the fly if needed...I'm really happy with it!


I got the L3T to replace a Bose L1 compact I had. I needed something more powerful than the Bose so I could have a sound system for my keyboard, voice, and acoustic sounds from my JTV.


So, this morning I had them playing side by side. The HD500 was going to the DT25 thru the L6 link and to the L3T thru the 1/4 jack output. I got a loop going on the POD and started cross fading the volumes, and at first I though...WTF!?!? The L3T sounds hooooooooorrible!!! It seemed like a totally different preset/guitar/amp model going on, and I mean TOTALLY! I tried the input on the back, the input on the mixer, and chaging the mode on the L3T. It got really better when in "electric guitar" mode, but still, way off the DT25 sound. I also tried going from the POD to the L3T via L6 link, but still I wasn't happy with it...


After quite some time fiddling with I/O, amps, EQ's, etc, I realized that if the 2 were connected at the same time, sound on the L3T would be awful, but not if I disconnected the L6 link on the DT25. The POD was changing automatically the output to power amp and so the sound on the L3T got terrible.


I then tried again the L3T, with no other connection, and the correct output set on the POD...VOILÁ!!!! Instant great tone!!! After that, with only really minor tweaking, the L3T was sounding awesome in PA mode, better still in electric guitar...I mean, it got sooooooooo soooooooooo close to the DT25 to the point of getting me wondering about actually needing the amp!


Sure, you can still just tell them apart, specially in terms of feel, attack, etc, or if only because the speakers are totally different, but having the tone so closely matched, and being able to also play acoustics (which I need), plus keyboard and voice in 1 single package, really makes the DT25 redundant, at least for me!


I'm really thinking about returning/selling the amp now. My only doubt has to do with one of the main reasons I got the amp, which was to get an even tone/volume wherever I played, since the amp would be micced, but I don't know how well/faithfully will a sound guy be able to mic the L3T, if at all...I had one telling me he wouldn't at all, he would just get it straight out of the pod, but that would defeat the tone/volume control I want, and hand that over to him.


Sorry about the long post, but I had to share my amazement for the L3T sound compared to the DT25


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#4 radatats


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Posted 12 November 2013 - 09:42 AM

I too have a DT25HD and am seriously considering the move to L3T.  I also found the L6 link problem when trying to use the other outs on the POD, pretty annoying to me.  I wonder, is it the same with the L3T? What does it force the POD to switch to?  Combo?  My question is because if I use a dual amp patch fed to the L3T with L6 will it sum and play the signal?  It won't just play the A channel like the DT right?  But then if I want to feed the stereo signal to the FOH from the POD it will sound like crap because it won't be Studio Direct anymore.  The other solution would be to feed the 1/4 outs to the L3T and the XLR to the FOH in Studio Direct but then you lose the reconfigurable feature of the L3T.


Comments from those that own one are appreciated.  I still think this will be the road to go in the new year... 


The simplicity of a JTV, a POD and an L3T being able to do everything I can think of, electric or acoustic and pretty much fill any place I might go is mindboggling...

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#5 silverhead


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Posted 12 November 2013 - 10:05 AM

I use a Pod HD500 and a couple of L3ts. I avoid connecting the HD500 via L6 LINK to the L3t because you no longer can control the HD500 volume by the HD500 itself; the volume that goes to the L3t from the HD500 is fixed - and very loud!. Hence the only way to control it is by turning the L3t master volume way down. This in turn makes it really difficult to balance the HD500 with the other inputs on the two L3t mixers (mics, acoustic guitars, keyboards,....) and also means you can't fully connect the 2 L3ts via L6LINK because you're using one of those connections for the HD500.


What works for me is to connect the HD500 analog outputs to the rear panel Line Ins on one of the L3ts, allowing me to control/balance HD500 volume using the HD500 device Master Volume level rather than the L3t master volume. Then connect both L3ts together using L6 LINK in both directions, and you get the L3ts performing perfectly as a stereo pair, handling all inputs of both L3t mixers and rear panel connections. You can support a small band with this setup.

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#6 radatats


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Posted 12 November 2013 - 10:31 AM

thanks silverhead!  that's what I needed to hear...

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