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Stagescape M20d - Feature Requests


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#1 PSchneider33


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Posted 19 November 2013 - 04:28 AM

Hi all,


I use my new M20d as a submixer for my drums

( as long as the band .. still .. does NOT understand

  what a excellent machine this is, hahaha !)



1) Doing Multitrack on the SD-Card works well.

But I didn't find out jet at what point the recording is grabbed.

  Is it  Post-Trim  and  Pre-"any DSP" ? Probably also Pre-Highpass ?



2) Next issue is that Stereo-Master is recorded Pre-Fader

which trashed all my (first) recordings. I had to "mute" Master-Out

as it lies on Faders on the main mixer - and they don''t want to get

the Drums twice - one via the four Sends (Monitor Outs) and another from Master.


I would like to have the choice to record the Master-Out at Pre-Fader !

Possible ?



3) and that's also a wish:   a integrated Metronome ! .... would be "nice" !



Thanks and have fun with M20d !!!


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#2 SiWatts69



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Posted 19 November 2013 - 06:45 AM

To my knowledge, multitrack recording it post-trim but pre anything else, ie DRY except for trim.


AFAIK, the main outs is recorded pre-fader, but in this instance that doesn't mean there is no signal pre-faders. The master out faders govern how much of the master L/R bus signal is output to speakers. At unity (0) there is no difference in gain from one side of the fader to the other and I believe the main outs recording is precisely that.


As for why the rest of your band are getting the drums twice, I suppose would depend on how you've routed stuff. Without a schematic, it's impossible to throw light.


I'd have no need of a metronome but whatever floats your boat I guess!

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#3 PSchneider33


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Posted 20 November 2013 - 11:51 AM

As for why the rest of your band are getting the drums twice, I suppose would depend on how you've routed stuff. Without a schematic, it's impossible to throw light.


This is no issue, it's just a fact - my Drums go out via the four monitor outs (Bd, Kick etc .. separately)

And also they _would_ go out on the Main-Out if the "Main-Fader" (driven by the big knob) would be up.


To hear my M20d-recordings on the PA I need the Main-Out (with Volume up)

In case I record the drums I don't need Output !

(remember: I use the M20d as my Submixer, it's not the main mixer)


.. Well, I didn't try out what happens if I use the Mute Button(s) - does this also destroy the Main-Out-Recording ?

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#4 ArneLine6


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Posted 20 November 2013 - 12:40 PM

The master is recorded to the SD card post fader. This is necessary to prevent recording a clipped signal without hearing what happens. The background is that the 32 bit floating point internal processing can not clip but when it goes out to the 24 bit outputs the master fader is absolutely necessary to prevent potential clipping.


If you are looking for a way to mute all monitor outs at the same time you can "program" the Mute Mics button like a mute group:


- Press the Mute Mics button

- Make sure that only the monitor outs are muted

- Done


The Mute Mics button always recalls the status that it had the last time it was active. This can be used to create a mute group.

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#5 wersonnst


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Posted 08 December 2013 - 02:43 PM



a few Features that would be nice.




Play recorded Tracks and add (record) an new one at the same time. For Second Singer or something else.


It is possible to record an play on the media player at the same time, but it would be ideal to start the playing and recording simultaneous . And to add only one  Chanel to an existing record.


5) An complete overview of all channels with level meter.


6) In the fader screen witch is great every time the  main out.


7) All faders together with flip pages left right, or flip pages (inputs ,outputs, etc) up an down.


8) Multitouch faders (faders simultaneously).


9) On I pad the RTA in the EQ section.


10) On I pad the knobs become fader on touch (popup) it become very easy to adjust .

 This time v1.20 every time i want to adjust the knobs the knobs become other direction. Is it in the middle I had to do left and right, it is left i had to do up and down.


11) Save an downmix from an recording.



Have an nice Mixing!



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