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I Think My L3t Is Broken...

Best Answer jaminjimlp , 11 January 2014 - 10:40 AM

Ok, I know I had the same thing going on and we talked about this here in an other thread  http://line6.com/sup...he-eleven-rack/. It is not broken the other driver is for lower freq. than the guitar sounds are played if you plug in a bass and try it on the lower notes it will play fine [top driver]. It is the internal crossover that is keeping that driver from playing.... 


Here is a feature request that I have that could be easily done in a speaker firmware update [I think]..... the guitar cab sim could change the driver crossover to full range on both drivers on the L3T or bing the top one in closer to the freq so it will be used and if you use the 2 channel inputs [or in the case of the HD500on the L 6 link] that it would give you stereo [1 driver right and 1 driver left] ....... this is what I was hoping it did when I laid it on its side and hooked up my Eleven Rack to the 2 channel inputs.

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Posted 15 January 2014 - 10:22 AM

Interesting idea for sure.  I don't think it could be a firmware only change and believe some hardware changes would also have to happen.  I'm pretty certain it could not happen over L6 link but could in analog after appropriate changes to circuitry and software .
The reason that the speakers divide up as woofer and midrange has to do with the difference that you get when you stand a pair of woofers up vertically instead of horizontally as would be found in a guitar cab.  When the woofers are side by side the sweet spot is directly in front of the cabinet and as you get off to the sides you encounter a lot of phase cancellation and comb filtering when both drivers play the same audio.  If you took that same guitar cab and turned it on its side the worst place to listen to it would be directly in front and the sweet spot would be off to the sides.  By having each woofer perform a different job you minimize phase cancellation in all directions.

I figured there was some kind of a technical reason for what you guys did with the system as and everything that is done with the system very interesting stuff
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