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Migrating To A Stagescape Setup

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#1 johndkeene


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Posted 25 January 2014 - 09:14 AM

My band is looking at migrating from our current all analog mackie/crown mixing/amp 200# rolling rack setup to a stagescape system. Given the expense, we're looking at doing it in pieces. I've read all I can find and have now distilled the following questions:


1. I use an HD500/DT50 setup for my guitar. Right now we either take the XLR out from the HD500 or the speaker XLR from the DT50 to the board. I assume that would continue with the M20D?


2. If we start with just an M20D and then use the analog outs to drive our current amps/speakers, does the feedback suppression still work? i.e., does that run in the M20D, the Lxx speakers or both?


3. Any issues with then adding speakers connected via L6 LInk over time in the mixed mode configuration? i.e., start with subs, then add mains, then add monitors, so that we eventually leave the 200 pound rolling rack behind (or at least keep it a lot emptier -- with just the m20d in it)?


Thanks for any thoughts or experiences along this line....


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#2 gordwait


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Posted 25 January 2014 - 09:33 AM

1) Don't know..


2) Yes, you bet!


3) I think so..


More details:

2) We have all Yorkville analog powered speakers, and feedback suppression works great! (Just wish I could also enable it on my acoustic guitar input)


3) I once rented the L2t to try as a floor monitor, it integrated in with the rest no problem, and it sounded great, but I didn't have the budget to get one ;( 

The L6 link speakers can be assigned to any of the 6 output channels, and the other analog outs are still going. What I don't know is if you assign an L6 linked speaker to say Mains left or right is if the analog out keeps working at the same time..

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#3 scotterp


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Posted 25 January 2014 - 12:50 PM

This is exactly what we did - are still doing. Got the M20d first, ran the mains out via a power amp to some EV speakers. I also split the main outs to some powered subs. From the first gig with that setup, got compliments from attendees on how our sound drastically improved. Ran the monitors out to powered monitors.


Recently added 2 L3t's as mains. Run them via the L6 link. Use the analog out from the L3t's to a powered sub. A lot less long cable runs now. No problems at all. Only using one sub now as the L3t's really filled out the sound that a 2nd sub just wasn't necessary. Although I'm not using the main outs, I did test them and they continue to work fine. Still running the monitors out to powered monitors. Once again, attendees noticed another improvement in sound. 


Next step is to get an L3s to replace the current sub - just because I can (and saved up enough to get one). Not sure if I'll go with L2's for monitors. I'm currently using in ears and the rest of the band is considering it. Not sure I want to go through the expense/commitment for them if eventually they will go with in ears.


All this to say yes, you can do what you are planning to do in steps. I've done it, still doing it, and with each phase, your sound will continue to improve. I never get tired of people coming up to us between sets, after shows and telling us how good we sound compared to all of the other bands in the area. The typical comment is "your sound is so clear… you can hear every little detail of what you guys are playing." We're a bunch of old guy rockers so we're not playing clean stuff all that much. Mostly pretty distorted guitars and hard rocking tunes. 


I encourage you to take the leap and start with what you can afford. You will NOT regret it. 

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#4 johndkeene


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Posted 26 January 2014 - 03:25 PM

Thanks for the feedback. Our sub died so I think we're going to start with an L3S and the M20D.


One last question -- the "m" vs "t" on the speakers -- if we'll truly never be using separate from the m20d, any reason to not buy just the "m" flavor speakers?

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#5 silverhead


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Posted 26 January 2014 - 03:57 PM

Nope. If you never use the mixer on the 't' models there's no advantage over the 'm' models.
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#6 Digital-sound



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Posted 27 January 2014 - 06:16 AM

In regards to the "t" over the "m", as long as you are sure, but, you will have a couple amazing stand alone speakers to use for anything you want, and it never hurts to have it. When I bought my L3t's, they were on sale and were the same price as the L3m's so it was a no brainier. When I got my L2m's I was sure I would only use them as monitors, and the same deal wasn't on, so the L2t's were almost $200 more. But, it wasn't long after I was wishing I has just gone for it. I have already had a couple cases where it would have been nice to have an even smaller speaker than the L3t, with the mixer on it. I was going to trade them in, but have waited too long now so probably won't be a full value trade.

You will really like the L3s. I bought two, and they are really great. The only thing that will overwhelm your impression of the L3s will be when you can afford to get the L3t or m into your system. They really do make an amazing difference when you have the whole system, all communicating on the L6 link technology. I rarely use any EQ on the front end. Just a preset from the M20d, and then some tweaking on the inputs. The true flat response of these speakers makes all the difference.

As for your big loaded rack, it will empty long before you get all the speakers. If you are passive, you will drop an amp right away for your sub (you stated you are getting an L3s), and all effects and EQ's can go right away too. The board is an amazing tool for the working musician in particular. You will enjoy it.
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