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Stagesource L2m Vs. Zlx-12p For Personal Modeling Amplification/monitoring?

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#1 flvinny521


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Posted 20 May 2013 - 08:16 AM

I've been keeping up with the ElectroVoice ZLX-12P and had more or less settled on purchasing one to use as my modeling "amp."  However, I decided to do a little more research into the Line6 StageSource products, and now I'm torn.
I'll be running a non-Variax electric into my Pod X3 Live.  Recently, my wife and I had twins, so I'm taking a break from the band and this will be used at home for the foreseeable future, tilted back as a monitor.  At some point, I will likely go back to gigging (small clubs), and I'll be using these as a personal monitor, running an XLR to the board for FOH sound.
Although the reviews on the ZLX have been mostly favorable, I am concerned that there must have been some cost-cutting with some components and it may not be something I can rely on for years to come.  That being said, at this time, I don't plan on using a lot of the other features of the L2M, such as expanding to a large, linked PA system.
Does anybody have experience with both of these specific models that can share some observations.  Is the extra cost of the StageSource speaker "worth it" for me?

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Posted 16 March 2014 - 09:33 PM

What did you decide on? I have a couple of EV ZLX-12P units and have thought about using them with the Line 6 Stagesource wondering if they'll play "nice"...
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Posted 19 March 2014 - 06:09 AM

At some point, I will likely go back to gigging (small clubs), and I'll be using these as a personal monitor, running an XLR to the board for FOH sound.That being said, at this time, I don't plan on using a lot of the other features of the L2M, such as expanding to a large, linked PA system. Is the extra cost of the StageSource speaker "worth it" for me?



For the cost, and given that you are on the X3L; it might be hard to justify the expense. I own an HD500, a DT25, a JTV59, an M20d mixer, an Avid Eleven Rack, and a pair of L2t's; I am just getting back into playing music after a few years hiatus, and working with some guys, trying to get ourselves gig worthy. I approached the thought process of all this gear, as being able to both mix from stage, and record multi-track at rehearsals and gigs. The idea that I could also do a small gig with just one L2t is also appealing. The "t" has the onboard mixer, the "m" does not. I also like the idea that if I want to run the POD in "studio direct" instead of using the DT25 in link mode, the L2 would be a nice option. Flexibility was paramount in my decision. I took a long time to upgrade - bought the HD500 in '10, just made the leap to the rest of that gear over the last few months of 2014.


For the X3L, the StageSource would be a great sounding option; but a big part of the expense comes from the thought that you would eventually want to "scale up". That being said, I was just about to buy the L2m, when I read some previous posting and conversations centered around Ron Marton's observations here and here about what you get with the L2t for $100 more than the L2m. Do yourself a favor and before you buy anything, read why Ron thinks the "t" is worth the extra $100 over the "m". Especially if you intend to use it in small clubs as well as at home. With an L2t, you would be able to run your X3L into it direct, and also have a mic going, and another friend plugging their instrument in as well.


And for what it's worth, the L2/L3 (not sure if on both m and t) have an "acoustic" modeler, that when you attach a piezo acoustic guitar type pickup to it, it can emulate the sound of that guitar as it is mic'd. That is a cool idea; the direct sound of an acoustic can be a bit clanky, and it's difficult to make it sound right with things like EQ, etc.


With one L2 speaker and none of the L6Link capability, you maybe don't need to go that route. But in terms of spending around / at least $400 on the EV, you may at least want to do yourself the favor of researching how a pair of L2t's (or L3t's) can be two-way linked to create a stereo sound system, and how the inputs can be used "sans outboard mixer", IE, you can use the onboard mixers on both L2t's to run a small rig of vocals, guitars, mics, etc - without needing an additional outboard mixer.


IF you ever intend to upgrade to the HD500 system, or want to eventually more fully utilize the expandability of the StageSource and StageScape systems, you can "try" those speakers with zero risk at the moment. For example, if you have the $$ to buy at least one, places like Sweetwater are doing a full "we'll pay your shipping back to us" offer on the L2t's. I see a link on Line6 where they say "test drive StageSource at no cost"


I don't know the EV so can't comment on it as a comparison to the L6 gear. EV has a 12" speaker, the L2 has a 10". The one important key distinction really centers around the L6Link function, both to other L2/L3 speakers, to an HD500 modeler, or to an M20d mixer. That is where you get the extra cost value from. Read up on how they auto-sense their vertical or horizontal orientation, and when daisy chained using the L6Link, they define themselves in the signal chain as monitors or mains accordingly. That being said, you would have to spend a serious amount of $$ to get a full system, of a couple mains and a couple monitors, which ultimately, may be a temptation you would prefer to avoid, with a new family, a budget for $4,000+ in audio gear may not be in your forseeable future.

ALSO, there are comments regarding the fan issues in the L2m & L2t. Line6 has stated they are looking into a different fan system for cooling, so down the "Line" (please forgive the pun!), there may be a newer / upgraded version of these speakers. I don't know. Personally, I will finally get to test drive my new L2t's tomorrow afternoon, so I will have a better idea of their volume, clarity, and how well they work with my HD500 and test their Link capability.


I liked my X3L, I used it for years. I ended up sellling it in 2010 to fund the purchase of an HD500, and while the HD series is very "guitar" focused, as a system, it does allow substantial upgrade options using that L6Link. Again, all comes down to volume needs and budget constraints!

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