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Xd-v75 Handheld - Broken Battery Compartment

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Posted 13 January 2014 - 06:32 AM

In light of the new found information by the line 6 moderator :

Well I think the "is" is now changed to "was".  The problem was that the hex bolt that secured the two major sections was not properly torqued in in some systems.  Over time they could loosen up and if they did you could get too much leverage when tightening the battery cover.  And this caused the housings to break.  The failure rate was thousandths of a single percent ... but it's not fun when it happens to you.

 The fix implemented is a new procedure during manufacturing which locks the bolt down.  There has also been some strengthening of the supports in the housings.

I will be reopening a support ticket as after my first fix from sam ash worked…

The second time ( still well under warranty) did not as I was turned away stating they would not work on it again because of the big hassle back and forth the first time with line 6. Line 6 still said it was my fault. I GAVE UP !!!   gave up on line 6 doing the right thing and stuck it in its box in the crap pile I call the gear of shame.

Waiting there until the day someone from line 6 would fess up, hey valued customers…

we messed up on this one and have had to implement a new way of making these mics!

That day, is here!  

Well they didn’t say exactly that but it’s good enough to argue my point and get my mic fixed FINALLY!  (maybe)


I currently have 16 XD-V75 systems + 4  XD-V70 systems. At this point I have replaced (6) battery compartment holders, plus several battery cups. I also had a "factory refurbished" unit that fell apart the first time I opened the battery compartment. The previous owner had superglued the compartment back together and returned it, and Line 6's "refurbishing department" had overlooked that the handheld had previously been broken. Now at $17.50 a pop for a battery holder, it is far quicker for me (and less hassle) to order 3 or 4 at a time and change them out myself, as opposed to sending them to an "authorized servicecenter". It takes me about 10 minutes to swap one, and that includes driving in and out that little pin for the battery door. Now every one of these microphones was probably dropped "once", so to be honest, would Line 6 even consider these to be warranty items? I've previously used Shure model UHF's SC's and LX's. While the UHF model was probably at least 6 times the cost new of a Line 6, the SC and LX models were not. And while the LX and SC's did suffer from cracked battery cups, I never had a Shure mic snap in half like these Line 6's do. Line 6 needs to do something about this problem, because to matter how good they sound, the average musician  is not going to be able to afford "disposable mics".....

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Posted 14 January 2014 - 09:30 AM

This really bothers me.  We (our church) made a huge effort, a lot of fund raising to just be able to spend 6,000 dollars in Line6 microphones...  so far, 2 microphones down because of this stupid battery compartments.  This is what puzzles me...MICROPHONES WILL BE DROPPED!!! I learned this during my experience with sound equipment.  I understand I'm not dropping thousands into a single microphone, however, I doubt that we can just go ahead and spend another 6,000 at once to replace all of them. 


I gotta say I love what Line 6 has done developing different gear for all kinds of music, however quality is a big big issue when money is not readily available.  I will probably never buy another microphone system from Line6, as long as they continue to use this design.  I also had issues with a headset XDV75, ended up just getting a replacement from ebay for about 30 dollars. but that's another issue for another day.


really dissapointed Line 6, really dissapointed.

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