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Life Cycle Of Pod Hd500x

pod hd500x

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#41 RIblues



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Posted 18 April 2014 - 11:44 AM

There will not be a "POD HD600X"  ;)

Clever, clever, clever   :blink:

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#42 Palico



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Posted 18 April 2014 - 01:35 PM

There will not be a "POD HD600X"  ;)


AMPLIFi is not a replacement for POD HD500X or POD HD Pro X, although its workflow is very different, so it may fulfill the needs of people who may have previously been looking at HD500X. The PODs are still our flagship processors.

Good to know! 


I'm in the camp that understand you must move on but that really doesn't make my gear obsolete, it just means it's not the newest out there. I've been using my POD X3 for years now and it still works just as good as the day I got it. In fact it works better simply becuase I understand how to use it better now then when I got it. I am now looking to upgrade to the HD series. Not becuase my current setup is lacking, but because my my current setup with an Atomic Recator 212 is heavy and hard to move. I used to play in house type band where that didn't matter. Now I'm moving stuff around again. So time for smaller lighter setup. The DT series amps look great and get great reviews. Because of the new feature of the L6 link is attractive and I've discovered, there is really only two or three models in the POD I used on any regular basis. I didn't upgrade previously becuase I didn't like the low number of models on the HD even if they sounded better. But I came to think later that was not big deal, but the $$$ wasn't worth it until I had other reasons. With the better sound and smaller setup now I want a dream rig. I already have the Variax and won't be upgrading to JTV, unless my old 500 craps out. The JTV offers some nice features but models are still basicly the same and I don't like the magentic picksups on them. For some reason I have an adversition to picking over the top of the pickups on guitar, so the original design Variax without any magantic pickups was perfect for me. So I'll stick to my 500 and if it craps out look at finding another 500 to repair it with or maybe a working 700.


To the topic of the original post topic, if you bought a Les Paul back in '59 was it obsolete when Gibson discontinued the line  around '61 Les Paul/SG? No it was still a LP and still worked just fine. The argument for those is you could still get parts that fit them. That is mainly because of the populatairty of the instruments. If you something like a old Kay guitar and need some thing odd like specialized bridge do you think you could just get one today? Probably not, you would have to get another one or have a luither custom fix it. No different with Line6 stuff. I play a open mic thing every once in a while and where we use the house bands equipment. They have two old Line6 amps on each side of the drum set. We all play thought them and the still sound good. The house guitarist knows them and how to make them sound good. Do they sound as good as DT amp? Nope, but they still sound as good as the day he bought them.


They only thing that really sucks is to buy the latest and greatest gear for full $$$. Then the next month a new better item comes out for about the same $$$. Being I'm looking a the HD500x & DT25, which have both been out for while, I hope I'm not getting into that situation. Of course latest and greatest also means the latest and greatest unknown problems. At least if you bit back, the problems you encountered have probably been encournered before and solved. 

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#43 withrowsp


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Posted 26 April 2014 - 03:16 PM

Where are you seeing the HD500X for $100 off? I've looked at all the usual suspects, and it's still seems to be $499 everywhere I look.

It was on sale for $399.99 at Best Buy online, but they have indeed discontinued the sale and raised the price.

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#44 Brazzy


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Posted 26 April 2014 - 03:26 PM

I was just wondering if anyone had a guess on how long the HD500X will remain the current product. I purchased an HD500 only to have the 500X be released a few months later.


I like many of the upgrades in the 500X, but wonder if I buy it now if another new version or updated line of floor PODs will be released soon.


I noticed that the price on the 500X has been discounted recently (about $100.00) at many online retailers. Is this because Line 6 is about to release a new product to replace the 500X?


I've had the X3Pro since Nov. 2008 and the HD500 since Sept. 2011. I'm glad I didn't sell the X3Pro since it has effects that the HD500 doesn't. I will likely keep them all even if I get newer versions in the future.

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I mostly play at home  and am always having fun learning how to play guitar so when I post a reply to try and help give ideas you know where I'm coming from. Rock-On!! Oh, and if I don't respond promptly I'm probably playing guitar or my computer locked up from multitasking 'cause I'm using Gear Box, HD500 Edit, Audacity and tab filled browsers all at the same time, Hahahaaaa. Surprisingly enough my 'puter handles the load more times than not. Lastly I'm not a salesman, I'm not trying to sell anyone anything here. "Riffcasts Riffworld" "RiffRumble Entry" "Shifftie" "M.O.S.U.A Two" "Bass Catszz" "Blasted Runtime Error I" "Match 30" "SoundCloud Playlist" "And Ya Know It"


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