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Multiple Dt50's Plus L2t

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#1 u182155


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Posted 16 April 2014 - 05:42 PM

Hi there,

I currently have a DT50 and have picked up a 2nd one cheap which I am collecting today. I am then thinking of adding an L3t or L2t for acoustic sounds. Wanted to know if anyone else has done this? Want the DT's in stereo and then the L2/3t for acoustic.

Interested in views.

Oh I also run a HD500x and JTV69
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#2 Tboneous



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Posted 17 April 2014 - 11:24 AM

Rigzilla! I've done that setup at the music store and it sounds unbelievable! Thanks to a Line 6 Rep who spent a great deal of time with me when I was considering my Dream Rig. There is no better sounding rig for the money. 


Having that setup live could be heaven (incredible tone, amazing flexibility) or hell ("I think I've connected everything correctly, why don't I have any signal?" or "why did this reboot in the middle of my acoustic solo?")


Many, including myself, have had trouble getting a single DT, HD500 and JTV to behave in concert and consistently. When you have that many working parts, just be prepared for it poop out on you at the most inconvenient time.

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#3 danjay67


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Posted 28 April 2014 - 04:05 PM

I have this rig in the "little brother" version. JTV69 - hd500x - DT25 combo - DT25 combo - l2t. 


I have to say when I can get a tone dialed in right it sounds amazing. It has taken some time however to really get the feel for the system and I am still learning. 


You'll find yourself (if you're at all like me) wanting to create your set lists with versatile possibilities. For instance, once I had this awesome rig built, I started to think about "What if I don't want to haul all this around.... I should duplicate my set list just for the L2T....." 


That idea SOUNDS a lot easier than it is.


Other complications that are minor pop up.... For example... it DOES matter the order you turn your amps on. I did not think this would be the case.... and was surprised when things were not working correctly for me..... shut down the amps.... and turned them back on in order.... problem solved. Ironically the L6 link even showed the L2T at the end of the chain with a number 3.... but the correct path was not coming from the correct output. 


It's an awesome setup. You can route tones direct tot the L2T.... to the DT** and even run one path in stereo with a pre and the second path with a full model to the L2T. Again.....I can't say I have it setup perfectly yet. There is a lot of gear in this little package..... but I keep tweaking closer and closer and it DOES sound amazing. 


The one piece of advice I have is it is not without it's quirks and to sometimes think of it like a computer, When I find the components acting in a way I don't expect or want. I shut it all down.... and power up from Hd500x on in order. I have never had it flake out on me once it is functioning correctly..... only in setting it up or even just powering it on to practice or rehearse. I may not think about it and just start turning things on.... and problems arise. Do it in order and with a fresh start and once it's solid.... and left on.... it stays solid.


There are people who get really frustrated with this as I have read through the posts. Quirky issues that occur. It may help that I already have a tech background that I don't find myself as bothered by it. Its never failed when I needed it. Never failed once it was up and running. Just sometimes gets a little "cranky" getting it running. And the problems are minor. 


My biggest issue? Getting the gear setup electronically how you want it. But that is the most common theme in those forums. Trying to produce the right sounds you want from the number of variables you have to tweak inside the control panel or computer. There's a lot going on... especially when you start looking at the element of 3 "amp" and how you want it routed... which one(s) you want as part of the patch and which ones you don't..... realizing you just found the perfect tone and forgot to send it to the board. Trying to figure out why one is patched to a place it shouldn't be. As I said... there is a lot here. 


To some that sounds like a complaint..... to me...... it's enthusiasm. There's a LOT here !!!

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#4 radatats


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Posted 28 April 2014 - 04:25 PM

Absolutely true...  I posted the same thing ages ago and it is like gospel for me.  These things all communicate and you have to establish the comm link in order to get it all working together in unison.  Same with the computer connection and HD Edit and Workbench.  I do it the same way, every time and it has never failed me so far...


(hope I didn't just jinx the whole damn thing)  :D


it DOES matter the order you turn your amps on. I did not think this would be the case.... and was surprised when things were not working correctly for me..... shut down the amps.... and turned them back on in order.... problem solved.

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#5 jandrio


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Posted 29 April 2014 - 03:08 AM

.. it's enthusiasm. There's a LOT here !!!



bravo danjay67 !

this is exactly the definition of creative thinking !

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#6 Tboneous



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Posted 26 June 2014 - 07:16 AM

I assume that the order to turn tis rig on is HD-->DT-->L2. Correct? I'm getting an L2M for acoustic sounds. Didn't think I needed the extra goodies offered on the L2T. Thoughts?
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