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Dt25 Combo - Oh Yeah!

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#1 ricstudioc


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Posted 02 May 2014 - 09:11 AM

Just a "for what it's worth"...


While wrestling with the HD500x/"dream rig" stuff (I'm no technophobe, but there could be some simpler operating modes...) I've starting using just the DT25 combo on it's own in rehearsals.


Effin' SWEET amp!  Love what I'm getting just from it even without the POD.  I've got a Mesa TransAtlantic 2x12 as well (another topology-switching amp), and the DT is easily the sonic equal to it, at half the price.  (Yeah, the Mesa's got a little more power, but not enough to matter....).  Lovin' me my Class A/Pentode mode, very responsive and subtle....


Nicely done L6/Bogner - very nicely done.  May yet turn out that I'll run the 4 cable setup and just let the amp do it's own thing - time will tell.  (It would be nice to have dual amp presets in the HD work over the Link - I'm missing that from previous rigs...)  But it stands alone with no apologies to any other amp.....



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#2 Brazzy


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Posted 02 May 2014 - 10:59 AM

When I got the DT50 head and DT25 Cab to go with the HD500 I said the same thing. The sounds and capability just sent me and the people around me into a state of Awe, Hahahaaaa. The sound that can come out of this setup truly is amazing to me. Have Fun!!!

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I mostly play at home  and am always having fun learning how to play guitar so when I post a reply to try and help give ideas you know where I'm coming from. Rock-On!! Oh, and if I don't respond promptly I'm probably playing guitar or my computer locked up from multitasking 'cause I'm using Gear Box, HD500 Edit, Audacity and tab filled browsers all at the same time, Hahahaaaa. Surprisingly enough my 'puter handles the load more times than not. Lastly I'm not a salesman, I'm not trying to sell anyone anything here. "Riffcasts Riffworld" "RiffRumble Entry" "Shifftie" "M.O.S.U.A Two" "Bass Catszz" "Blasted Runtime Error I" "Match 30" "SoundCloud Playlist" "And Ya Know It"


#3 ColonelForbin



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Posted 02 May 2014 - 11:41 AM

Yeah, this amp has alot of tone to be had, it's a sweet piece of gear. I hear ya with the "too many options" on the HD500+DT25; that's my quest right now, I'm past the honeymoon swooning with love, and on to the attempts to find "my sound". I've been working mostly with dialing in patches on the HD500, keeping the amp models and fx choices restrained, and overall it's been a good experience paired with a JTV.


I'm going to try a little different approach this weekend; bought myself some Keeley pedals, have another on order, and I'm going to set up my HD500 patches with the primary intent of using the HD500 to power the JTV, function as a tuner, and use some of the more "basic" options - with the primary role being "amp switcher".


I am looking at putting pedals into both the FX loop of the HD500 and the DT25 (not sure if the latter works when using L6Link); hoping the true bypass that all Keeley pedals have will play nice in terms of adding extra A>D and D>A conversions. I've not really spent much time just plugging into the DT25 directly, I guess I may be giving that a whirl as well, that's where these analog pedals probably want to be anyhow.


My take on it, is going to be something like this:


JTV > vdi to HD500 > FX loop out to Keeley pedals > HD500 fs1-4 as two pre and two post, L6Link to DT25 + chorus pedal in DT25 FX loop. Still not sure whether I will need to put a noise gate after the FX loop returning from the Keeley grouping; hoping not. Looking at placing a drive pedal and a compressor in the FX loop (Bootlegger and 4-Knob Comp), and running a chorus pedal in the DT25 FX loop (Seafoam). Waiting patiently for the Keeley custom shop to build and ship my Neutrino (envelope filter).


Where I've been hesitant to exclude the HD500 lives in terms of, I think the manner in which the two interface has a ton of potential, and the fact that the HD500+JTV offers guitar/pickup switching at the foot level is a feature I don't want to discard lightly.


Have you done the DT25 firmware update and messed with switching out the onboard amp models? I was curious how that worked, in terms of replacing the stock choices with the expanded selection of the entire HD line. You could really focus the types of amp models on the DT25 that way, excluding certain choices that you wouldn't be likely to use. I recall someone mentioning in a previous discussion that you can actually load 8 amp models into the DT, not just four - not entirely clear on how that is done?


I would, for example, load both Plexi models, the Tweed bassman, and one more Fender. If I could use eight total, as I *think* is possible, I would probably just do all the Fender variations, maybe include the Marshall / Park.


I did find a very interesting note in the manual recently, discussing which amp models we should be careful to switch to or from, because of the power type used. Apparently the voltage jump is more extreme in the DT50 vs the DT25, but they said it's definitely something to keep an eye out for:


About Preset Loading and DT50 Amp Settings


*Note: Since DT25 amplifiers utilize lower voltage components, their setting changes are typically less affected. However, the following practices can be followed with DT25 amps as well if Preset changes are not as seamless as desired.


• Keeping Class A consistent between consecutively-switched Presets will help avoid the greatest potential for disruption.

• The Super O, Tweed B-man, Class A-15 and Brit Plexi J-45 share an aspect (their analog B+ voltage) that differs from the other POD HD Amp Models, which can also be a source of disruption. To minimize this disruption, limit the cases where you switch between one of these Amp Models and one of the other POD Amp Models.

• Avoid making setting changes within 5 seconds of each other, especially if you’ve included the Class and B+ voltage changes mentioned above. The DT50 circuitry can take up to 5 seconds to fully stabilize after such a transition, and making another change before then can cause disruptions that you wouldn’t hear if you waited slightly longer.


Due to the higher voltage components utilized in DT50 amplifiers, you may find that not all amplifier changes can be instantaneous.* If you require the most seamless change between two POD HD Presets - for instance, during live performance - the simplest approach when switching Presets (or DT50 amp Channels) is to use the same amp Voicing switch settings for both. For those times when you want more significant reconfigurations between settings, here are some tips:

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#4 ricstudioc


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Posted 02 May 2014 - 01:07 PM

More fun than I've had with my pants on in quite a while.......

 Have Fun!!!



@ColonelForbin -

"Have you done the DT25 firmware update and messed with switching out the onboard amp models?"


Not yet, but I asked about it here the other day and will definately be trying this in the near future.


(something went funny with the multi-quote there....)

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#5 grandinq


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Posted 03 May 2014 - 02:39 AM

I hear ya ! I've had my DT25 a year now and I still can't believe how much fun it is. The hd500 adds another great element. I just got a JTV and I am still in the novelty stage of discovery -- I have several songs for which I have set up four or more patches that change guitars, tunings, topologies, and amps. Woo hoo! Still, it is the DT25 powering it all that makes it all worth it.
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#6 Melissiah



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Posted 07 May 2014 - 11:04 AM

Still love my DT25 after a year. I did 3 mod tho


I extracted the head from the combo and replace the speaker with a vintage 30

I let a small hole behind the cab after trying to make a full close back

I changed the 3 tubes (mostly for the el-844 to have less power so I can reach the breaking point without breaking my ears cause that amp is very loud for a 25 watts)


Now it's totaly awsomesauce. I sold my mesa and my other amps :)

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#7 ceccez


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Posted 19 May 2014 - 10:02 PM

Hi! I just bought myself DT25 head and I use it with HD500x. I had rehearsals the next day and didn't have the time to tweak patches much. I had loaded few clean and high gain patches to HD500x and edited them really fast at home. I was really pleased to DT25 at low levels, wow! So I went to rehearsals and plugged system on and tweaked couple of knobs. Holy #%¤#&%" what sounds!!!!!!!! Couldn't believe my ears. So so so amazing bottom end and different colors to the tone. My previous amp was Laney Ironheart 60 head and this setup beats it 10-0 :) The low end factor was truly mind blowing to me! Cracked almost my lower back when the wave hitted me playing heavy riffs :D And the loudness of this thing... I was afraid that it wouldn't be as loud as needed with heavy handed drummer and always too loud bassist. But no problems with that issue because it's damn LOUD.. So that's all I wanted to say  :) 

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#8 flynvgtr1


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Posted 01 June 2014 - 05:22 AM

Yesterday at rehearsal I decided to use my DT 25 without the 500x or M9. I programmed it awhile back with my favorite amps and wow it sounded awesome. This amp amazes me as a standalone which I will be using a lot more. I love the versatility of the dream rig!!

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