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DM4 Preset Question

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Posted 22 May 2014 - 11:06 AM

Hey Folks,


New to the forum.  Contemplating buying a DM4 Distortion Modeler, but wanted to first ask about saving presets.


So there are 16 distortion models available - and the user can create 4 presets.  Is that 4 presets for EACH distortion type, or a total of 4 models?


For example, can I create 1 preset for the Boost/Comp, one for the Tube Drive, Screamer, etc. then use the 4 preset buttons to cycle from one to the next regardless of which model or type I'm using?  Or is it up to 4 presets for each distortion type?


The reason I ask is I'm essentially at the end of my freakin' rope with individual stompboxes for Clean Boost, Compression, Overdrive, and Distortion - I currently have one of each on my board.  So I've been looking for some kind of multi-effects unit.  But most of what I'm running into looks WAY too complicated with thousands of options for amp, cabinet, and microphone simulators, and too many screens and menus to wade through in a live setting.  I also already have phaser, delay, reverb, and wah pedals that I like, so I don't need or want a multi-fx that will replace those pedals.


What I'm REALLY after is something that will serve as my "tone block" so to speak and replace the four separate boxes I currently have.  My hope is that the DM4 can set 4 presets in varying degrees of intensity, from #1 being just a slightly gritty compressed tone, with 2 - 4 basically adding more and more grit, crunch, and fuzz as I go.  But if the 4-presets are all for the same distortion model or type, theoretically netting me a total 64 different presets, that's sort of overkill and more functionality than I really need.


So if anybody can relate their practical experience with the presets - especially folks who have gigged out with this thing, I'd really appreciate it.

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Posted 22 May 2014 - 11:27 AM

You get 4 presets overall - one for each footswitch. There is a default preset that's saved in each of the models so that when you turn the model knob to a certain one, the default will come up. But you can't change that. I used to have a DM4 on my board, and I gigged out with out for a number of years. Eventually, I replaced all my 4-button stomps (I used to have the DL4, MM4 and DM4) with the M13, and now the M9. I actually never used the DM4 to replace all my distortions, and eventually I went back to analog stomps. It wasn't necessarily because of the sound quality. I guess I just enjoy having a number of analog pedals, and I've found that with OD and distortion I will often tweak them depending on different things. So having presets can be a bit overrated when it comes to distortion, at least for me.

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