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New Volume Contol Behavior on My 69S

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Posted 26 June 2014 - 06:24 PM

I have a 59 and a 69S. I was playing my 69S last night, and it had a new behavior -- at the end of playing, I rolled the volume knob all the way down as I always do, and could still hear the guitar out the amp. I was connected to my HD500X via the VDI input and cable. I was on the mags, as I am, probably 90% of the time when gigging. I switched to the models and rolled the volume up and down and the output went to zero as it should all the way down. I switched back to the mags and it still would not go to zero output. It was very low, not off.


I unplugged the VDI from the guitar and then plugged it back in to let the 69S reinitialize, but it still had the same result. I rebooted the 500X, but no change. The guitar works fine, but this was new. When I'm gigging (as I will be this weekend) my normal thing to do during breaks is roll the guitar volume off and the 500X pedal (I always use for volume) off (heel position), so this will not affect the use of the guitar (I hope), but is still a bit troubling....


I was thinking it could be some control voltage from the 500X & VDI not being right or it could be something up with the 69S... Tonight when working with the guitar, it did not go immediately to zero volume when I rolled it off, but decayed to zero shortly after the volume was rolled off. Again the models go right to zero volume, no time lag. I plugged in my 59, and it rolled right to zero with no lag on both the mags and models, so I'm pretty sure it's not an issue with the 500X or VDI cable, so must be with the 69S....


I've had my 59 since May 2011, and my 69S since October 2012. I've had no issues with my 69S, this is my first odd behavior with it.


Anybody else have this happen? Weird...




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Posted 26 June 2014 - 06:35 PM

If I turn my noise gate off and roll down my volume I can hear it extremely faintly, and I think only on the les paul model. Nothing I'm concerned with as it's blended with the noise floor and hardly noticeable, something I cut out with a noise gate anyways.

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