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Output level from JTV59

volume jtv59 workbench hd

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#1 Aidan59


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Posted 10 August 2014 - 10:14 AM

I wonder if anyone can help with a question? I've just got a new jtv59 but the volume on the modelled outputs is very low: I have to turn my amp up quite a bit to get the same volume level as my other guitars. Also, the volume from each model seems to vary significantly, which would make switching models in a live situation quite tricky. I've gone into the workbench and increased the volume on each model by 6dD which seems to be the max it will allow, but the modelled outputs are still much lower than the output from the magnetic pickups. So, I have two questions:
1) is it possible to increase he overall volume level so that it can match standard magnetic pickups; and
2) is there some way the volume level from each model can be equalised?

Unfortunately, if I can't get these issues sorted out I'll need to return the guitar because it is not really useable at a gig.

Thanks for any help you can give.


FOLLOW UP: Many thanks for your suggestions.  I have tried the following: a) reinstalling firmware v.2.1 - no change; B) I tried v.1.9 based on some suggestions, but no joy there either; c) installed v.2.1 again (just in case!) - still no improvement; d) checked settings in Workbench - nothing unusual.  So it looks like I may have a dud.  I think I'll return the guitar to see if a replacement improves things.  I'll let you know how I get on.


FINAL COMMENT: I got a second JTV59 and had similar problems with it - volumes on modeled tones were slightly better than the first one, but still significantly lower in some cases than the magnetic pickups.  Spank and Jazzbox models were particularly underpowered.  Because of this, I returned to second guitar to the retailer too.  I've now decided, with some regret, to abandon Variax and get something else instead.  After having problems with two separate guitars, I don't think I'll ever get the "play me now" vibe from a variax.  A few other points I might make in case anyone from the QA department of Line 6 reads this:


a) Setup: For a guitar costing well in excess of €1,000 the setup was poor - action at the nut on both guitars was very high.  I normally play heavier gauge strings than the 10s the guitars came with, but fretting up to the third fret was much more difficult than it should have been.  Basically, if you spend that amount of money on a guitar, it shouldn't be necessary to spend another €100+ on a guitar technician to get the setup adjusted.


B) Individual string volumes: In many of the models, the volume of the individual strings was not balanced, particularly the higher strings, but it also affected the A string on some of the models.  There may be some guitarists who prefer to have the volume on the E and B strings lower than the other strings, but I'd imagine that they are in a minority.  I think a basic test to make sure that each model has a balanced string volume should be done before the guitar leaves the factory.


Well, that's it from me.  Thanks once again for the comments and suggestions.

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#2 Charlie_Watt



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Posted 10 August 2014 - 10:57 AM

Something is very wrong.  Variax model output should be at least as much as your typical guitar.  It is normal for model outputs to vary.  For instance, humbucker models are usually louder than single coil models.  (Les Paul vs Strat)  But the guitars they model also vary significantly.  You should try reloading the FW and if that doesn't fix it, return the guitar because it just isn't right.

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#3 MartinDorr



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Posted 11 August 2014 - 08:47 AM

Just 3 questions you may want to check in before you send it all back.

1. Did you or the store you bought it from change or 'setup' the magnetic pickups to be very high?

    If yes, you may want to lower them because if they are very high you may get warble and other side effects from the magnetics even if you don't use them.

2. Did you change the overall volume of your piezzos by accident in the workbench.

    If yes, oh well, you know what to do ...

3. Make sure your battery is fully charged. This should really not matter as I have never seen your effect due to a drained (on the edge) battery.

    But better make sure this is not the issue (or the battery is just bad).

If none of the above, I'd also say your JTV is broke like Charlie_Watt did.

Good luck.

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#4 stevekc


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Posted 11 August 2014 - 09:02 AM

my 2 cents - 


I own a  late 2011 era JTV-69 with good output level 


I also own a 1st generation JTV-59 ( see avatar on left) , that had the PU toggle switch failure, was repaired under warranty  by Line 6 last year, with a supposedly "clean bill of health" - but I can confirm my JTV-59 is about 20% lower volume than my JTV-69  - and I attribute this to differences in the D/A Gain structure of the final output opamp stage on the DSP board. When I connect both my Tyler Variax (JTV-69 and JTV-59), both with latest Variax Firmware 2.10 to Variax Workbench HD 2.10  - both have their String volume  levels set to 100%  - yet my JTV-59 continues to have noticeable lower output compared to my JTV-69, with the typical resulting inability for the JTV-59 to drive external Tube amps into high gain clipping and distortion for Lead solos - compared to my JTV-69, which has a higher gain output signal.     

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#5 davidb7170


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Posted 11 August 2014 - 12:01 PM

Wow -- completely opposite experience. My 2010 59 has way more mag pu output and the model ouput levels for everything except the strats compared to my 2012 69S that I eventually changed to slightly hotter output DeMarzio Noiseless single-coils. Even so, I had to set up a separate setlist for my 69S that I took my original 59 based patches and raised the the incoming levels to the chain from the 69S with (typically) a tube compresser with out put gain at about halfway. I liked the it so remodeled my 59 patches with the tube compresser, but at a much lower output....


Also once they finally got the WB HD software to work directly through the 500(X) with the VDI-connected JTV's, I worked to even out my models, so I typically lowered the Lester settings and raised the weak ones like strat & tele, etc. I know it might not be "historically right" for the models, but I just want the ability to freely switch between guitar models without having to compensate in some way with the amp settings... 


My 2 cents.



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#6 stevekc


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Posted 11 August 2014 - 04:30 PM

On my JTV-59 ( with low output ) I have same low output with either 1/4" analog out or the digital VDI (AES/EBU) connection to the HD500X     


I suspect there is only half dozen techs/ engineers at Line6 who understand the issue of why some Tyler Variax have low output level, compared to others  - and its related to a "Bill of Material change" for the value of the Gain set resistor(s) on the 1st shipment of  Tyler Variax's PCB board.


I figure they determined it would be way too costly to issue "free fix" RMA's - and only squeaky wheels might get a Support Ticket  - just my opinion.   

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