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Xd-v35 Bodypack, Handheld Mic And Receiver Antenna Location

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Posted 12 June 2013 - 07:52 AM



I have 4 sets of XD-V35, 2 are bodypacks and 2 are handheld mics.


I've bought them to be used in a very specific situation, a church's procession; the 2 handheld receivers are next to a moving speaker (battery powered); they're the source of the sound.

Then, I  connect a line out of the speaker to one bodypack, whose receiver is on a further speaker, whose line out connects to another bodypack, whose receiver is on a final speaker.


(I can post a drawing of it if my description is too confusing)


anyway, the fact is that the receivers are always on the moove, and the transmitter/receiver location/angle is always shifting.. this, allied with a massive number of people inbetween them, causes frequent signal drop-outs. I've had this configuration with "analog" wireless transmitters (shure non-diversity systems), but those were all on older (now restricted) frequencies, and needed to be replaced. On the old system, other than the occasional drop-out when turning corners or when the recievers went too far out of range, everything worked as expected.


On this (line6) configuration, I got frequent drop-outs, even when the reciever was only a couple of meters from the bodypack transmitter, on a (mostly) open-spaced location (no buildings in a 10 meter radius).


I've just now, reading the forums, discovered the RF-1 preferred use for this situation, because, walking thru the streets, of course I'm going to be "bombarded" with rogue wi-fi signals from people's houses.


Aside from that, is there anything I can do to get better range? Is there a preferred direction that the transmitters and receivers  can face in order to maximize the signal (because of better internal antenna placement)?


Where are the internal antennas on the bodypack, handheld transmitter and receiver?


Thank you all in advance! 

J. Sousa


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#2 RonMarton


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Posted 12 June 2013 - 09:40 AM

I'm absolutely in awe of the lateral thinking that created your mobile "daisy chain", Mr Sousa !

I'm also absolutely in agreement with your line of thinking which indicates that your "grief" most likely arises from the configuration and location of the XD-V35 receivers' internal receiving antennae ...and that RF1 seems to be the "only way to fly" in your situation.

Now, being "35s" means they're probably new and in good condition, which may be very significant in terms of what I think may be the change needed for a successful outcome. (Be assured, I can feel your apprehension from here.)

If elevating your existing receivers about a metre above the crowd (to restore line of sight from the transmitters) is either not practical, or doesn't effect enough improvement, I'm thinking that P180 paddle antennae (which provide both gain in a given direction and mounting options for "aiming") may be the only solution.

Given the separate locations you need for your receivers, that would not only mean buying eight (gasp !) of those with their associated LMR-195 cabling, but would also mean an exchange of your four XD-V35 receivers for four XD-V75s, at roughly twice the price. :(

It occurs to me that there just may (but only may) be something else reducing your receivers' performance, (particularly their RF sensitivity and selectivity) ...the "something else" that I have in mind being (possibly) insufficient 9v DC current to your receivers from your (presumably mobile) powering arrangements.

I like to have half an amp (500 mA) of stable, smooth, ripple-free and regulated 9v DC available for each of my receivers and would heartily recommend that you ensure the same.

...Oh ...and by the way, the Line 6 staff would know for sure, but I think that the belt-pack may have an arrangement whereby the mic cable helps propagate its RF.

The handheld's antenna radiates from its "bottom", behind the Line 6 badge on the screw-on battery cap at the opposite end to the mic capsule, which is why "cupping" that end is an absolute "no-no".

I expect that the receivers would have a fairly non-directional "rod" arrangement inside their (largely plastic) housings.

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