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General Pod HD Pro questions before I take the plunge
by gpoorman on 2013-03-11 07:46:34

Hi all,

I was hoping I could find somebody with some solid HD Pro experience to answer a few questions before I put down the cash for one of these units.

I am a Chapman Stick player and am considering making this my main fx processor. The Stick has two discreet outputs (melody and bass) and so the two sides will always be processed separately. Historically this has usually meant buying two of most things as most lower priced units didn't really offer two independent chains. Currently I have two Boss VF-1 units sharing a single rack space for this purpose.

So here's what I would like to do and maybe somebody here can tell me whether I can or not.

First regarding setup and general use.

1. I have a small preamp unit designed for the Stick that I will continue to use. It has two inputs and two outputs maintaining the independence of the two signals.

2. From there I want to run the two signals into a single HD Pro and continue to process them independently.

3. Ideally I'd like to forego use of the front input entirely and assign the L line input to chain A and the R line input to chain B. That looks possible in the system IO setup.

4. Do I have full freedom to indepently assign any of the blocks to either signal path then?

Now regarding control.

Instead of a Line6 controller, I use a Rocktron All Access as I have some other devices that I am controlling as well. I love this unit and want to keep using it.

I am wondering how flexible the unit is with control via MIDI CC messages. The Boss units allow me to create "assignments" where I can say ... MIDI CC message #blah controls this parameter of this effect. Each assignment allows for one CC message and one effect parameter. Multiple assignments can have the same CC message number though so I can, for example, have a single MIDI CC message turn on distortion, increase the foot volume, reduce the delay level, and turn on compression. I'm not necessarily looking for the same setup but I am looking for the same result.

Thanks for any insight you might offer.


Re: General Pod HD Pro questions before I take the plunge
by toneman2121 on 2013-03-11 07:59:07

well i;m ure one of the experts will tackle your question, because i certainly don't know. but in the mean time you could check the hd pro manual.

Re: General Pod HD Pro questions before I take the plunge
by silverhead on 2013-03-11 08:21:06

Regarding setup and general use: what you describe in numbered points 1 to 4 can be done. You can assign the L and R line inputs to paths A and B, and keep the processing completely independent by proper placement of your Amp/FX blocks. Both paths A and B will be separate stereo paths. You will have 'full freedom to indepently assign any of the blocks to either signal path', constrained only by the DSP capacity of the device.

Regarding control: I'm not familiar enough with the HD Pro and its midi capabilities to answer this definiteively. For a full description of the HD Pro midi capabilities, see Appendic C in the Advanced Guide (see Product Manuals under the Support button at the top of this page).

Re: General Pod HD Pro questions before I take the plunge
by gpoorman on 2013-03-11 09:58:14

Thanks. Good info and I have just downloaded the manuals.

One more thing though ... I put out feelers to see if I could find any Stick players who had used this unit and I finally got a reply from one guy who said he had a lot of issues with the unit overheating which introduced what he described as a high pitched squeel in his overall tone. He said he called up some Line6 reps and was told to use the mono guitar input on the front instead of the two line inputs in the back. This ... of course ... defeats the purpose.

I mailed him back to find out a) how long ago he bought the unit and b) did he run the instrument direct or was he going through something else that converted his signal to a line level input.

He hasn't replied yet but I am wondering if anyone here can speak to this at all.


Update: He did reply and said he was running first through a preamp and then into the dual inputs just like I was hoping to do. This was last July.

The information above may not be current, and you should direct questions to the current forum or review the manual.