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M9 chorus volume problem
by Perotis on 2013-03-11 21:08:56

I am having problems with the analog chorus on my M9.  The sound of the effect is good, but the volume is a little too loud.  It's not drastic, but it's noticeable.  When I select the chorus it's almost like hitting a solo-boost as well.  There is no volume setting for the effect just a mix settling that doesn't help the problem.

Re: M9 chorus volume problem
by player99 on 2013-03-12 21:36:22

You can have it modded and add a master volume knob. You can put a volume pedal or even make a volume switch pedal after the M9.

Otherwise put the volume pedal model after the chorus and adjust it to the right volume. You could also use the studio eq and balance it out. This is a bit of a drag because you need to press both on and off, and it hogs 2 slots for 1 model. But it is a workaround.

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