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Pod HD 500 as FX send/return Via Saffire Pro 40 to Reason
by sustainpedal66 on 2013-03-15 05:00:06

Hey, I realize this is a noob question, but I need some help trying to wire my HD 500 to my Saffire Pro 40 to use as an FX send/return from Reason 6.5.  Any ideas on how this works?  Currently I have an Audio output from the Saffire, 5, going to the L6 HD500 'Send' and the L6 500 'Return' connecting back to the Saffire Audio Input #5.  Is this right as far as setting up the proper signal chain in order to use the HD500 as an external FX processor?  I kindof understand how to set up the mix channels to allow this as an external FX processor, but if anyone wants to explain it to me in slow terminology I'd really appreciate.

I'm a noob to this whole FX Send/Return bit so any help is welcome. 


Re: Pod HD 500 as FX send/return Via Saffire Pro 40 to Reason
by bjnette on 2013-03-15 08:09:29

Outputs plug into inputs.

The send from the  saffire has to go to the HD return and the output to the saffire input channell.

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