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Pod Farm & UX2 not working properly with Mac OX
by Pobinr on 2013-03-15 12:56:38


Having lots of problems now have just switched from PC to Mac OX 10.8.3

Pod 1.12 get no sound.

Pod 2.5 sometimes get sound.

Sometimes get that CD symbol with rotating rainbow & have to force quit.
Sometimes when plug in UX2 get alternate flashing red LED's on front.

As 2.5 is the only podfarm where there's ever any sound I'm prepared to upgrade but not until I can get it to work reliably.

Update; I decided to upgrade to Pod farm 2.5.

Worked for a while until I uploaded a one of my saved tone files with an amp from the model pack

That made the lights go out on the UX2.

Rebooted computer. Went to set UX2 as sound card in preferences. Then get CD symbol with rotating rainbow!
I rebooted Mac. Then as soon as I open pod farm the lights go out on the front of the UX2 & then Podfarm hangs with CD symbol & rotating rainbow!
So have to force quit. Then when click on pod farm icon to re start it says another instance of Podfarm is currently running!
If unplug UX2 then plug in again just get the alternate flashing red LEDs on all the time.
Not looking good. Is Pod farm rubbish with all Macs or is it just me?

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Re: Pod Farm & UX2 not working properly with Mac OX
by Pobinr on 2013-03-17 11:56:40

Ran Line 6 monkey again & it's now OK after a two day faff installing then uninstalling 1.12 & 2.5 about 4 times each. Just as well it now works. Got no assitance. Thank you Line 6 support!
I must add one thing. Why is the Pod farm consol so small on the screen. Why can't it be maximised ?
Please consider adding this feature Line 6 writers.

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