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Pod XT Pro Has massive Hum in Line when connected to My Engl and when Gets Hot it gets worse as the Night progresses
by Rokaround on 2013-03-17 06:04:59

comes fromBoth guyitar inputand line input no difference

had this Unitinfor service not 3 months ago

also unit will not accept changes totones fromcomputer

If I cannotuse the Line 6 with the Engl I do notneed it as I will have tobuy another effects processor

tried connecting to the Pod effects loop does not work at all nbo sound when connecting to effects loop

Must use Line in or guitar in

Used Re amp out to Engl and Line 6 running at the same time great Sound But Hum

different tones have more someless  different guitars  have more some less

when the 2units are seperated completely No Hum aT ALL



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