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Third gig with HD500..I saw the light!
by medbad5150 on 2013-03-17 06:33:40

First two were total disaster, found footswitches too small after using GT-10 for years, nightnare scenario also downloaded loads of patches and listened, yeah sounded pretty good then on the night found out many had no foot volume assigned, some with no noisegate. And also using a Electrovoice ELX115 Active speaker which provided enough bass boom to pass for reggae dub bass! . You'd think that my settup together with gear wpould nail it, but I learned my lesson.

Luckily my best mate and singer in my band also happens to be a DJ. I told him about the ELX115P, he said it is one of the best around, and the boom must be from the pedal. So I religiously go on google and this site for tips on SAG, THUMP etec etc. No joy.

Last week I had enough and asked him to swap the ELX for Mackie Thump, I've been off all week and spent hours with Mackie, tweaking forever., and more importantly dumped the headphones and tweaking loud in my room But check this! The Mackie has EQ settings on it whereas the ELX despite being the better PA does not, so lowered Lo and Mioddle to nearly nothing.

Heart in mouth plugged in last night waiting for the usual ( great through headphone, crap live) and my joy was uncontrolled. I actually superb on most patches, only one which let me down was the US Sambora strat where the Dimarzio was intent on giving me too much fizz, ha ha despite sounding great at home.

I want to thank everyone on this superb board, people who contribute tips, patches and advice. Hey as we all know the tone search will continue until I'm in the box, but last night cheered me up!

Oh..the gig. My bro and mate were pissed, too many people invading the stage, fights breaking out!! But the crowd told us they love it anyway...

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