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Xt live and acoustic guitar
by PavsterBG on 2013-03-17 15:53:05

hi guys

does anyone use xtl with acoustic? I have used mine with electric and although I cant decide love it or hate it .. well still using it.

Anyway I swithched now to an acoustic band and plugged my electro-acoustic trough the xtl using some basic patches from custom tone.

Problem is that those patches dont use amp, just fx and as a result I get no volume -- can bearly hear myself!!!

Does anyone have any experience with xtl and acoustic?

any good patches for live performance?

I need generally good clean sound for fingerpicking, same one with a bust for clean solo and may be

a clean sound for strumming + solo sound. I also want to put a solo with overdrive sound like Fleetwood Mac on Go your own way - they use distorsion (or overdirve) with acoustic for the solo there.

Problem is that I can set the patches and they sound good in my headphones but live they sound crap. The clean sounds dont have enough volume, the amped ones are too coloured and unnatural, difference in volume level when changing positions is massive. disaster!

Any advise will be grreatly apreciated

Re: Xt live and acoustic guitar
by Triryche on 2013-03-18 11:13:18

You could try the tube compressor or vetta juice and/or EQ.

What are you plugging into live?

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