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Flextone 2 HD power amp repair
by asg-pro on 2013-03-19 05:32:47

Hello all,

I recently bough a Flextone 2 HD where the speaker outputs do no work. The XLR outs are fine which leads me to believe that the problem is the power amps. I've have also read about other users with a similar problem where the power amp was the issue.

Accordign to my research, the power amp board is not being produced anymore so sending it to be repaired doesn't seem to be a possibility due to lack of spare arts (again according to extensive internet searches).

This leaves a DIY repair of the power amp board. I managed to get my hands on the complete Service Manual which means I have the full schematics. Has anyone here repaired one of these power amp boards? It's labelled "HDII POWER AMP REV C"? Any thoughts on where to start looking for the fault? I have noticed that I can hear a sligt rattling when I shacke the board...

Any help would be greately appreciated. I would muh rather see this amp repaired than trown away.


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