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How do I hook up a somewhat complicated M13 setup?
by echoraven on 2013-03-21 10:36:19


I'm using a Vox Tonelab (blue desktop version, does not have an effects loop) for my base tone and I'd like to use my M13 along with some other pedals for effects going through a PA system (JBL EON 210P).

The full setup is as follows:

Vox Tonelab: Foundation for tone.

Pedal Grouping 1: Vox Saturator>Akai Blues Overdrive. This 2 pedal grouping goes before guitar input.

Pedal Groouping 2: MXR 10 Band EQ>BBE Sonic Stomp. This grouping is for a (hopefully) virtual effects loop.

M13: The workhorse of the group.

JBL EON 210P: PA System

What I hope to accomplish: I'd like Pedal Grouping 1 and some effects from the M13 to run before the input and the output of the tonelab (mono) into the M13 so I can then apply stereo effects such as ping-pong delays and stereo phaser. It is my understanding that if you run a stereo effect on the M13 into a mono effect then the signal is turned into mono so I want to keep the stereo effects after everything else.

How would I wire all this up?

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