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Need help registering my Vetta
by dankrauel on 2013-03-23 05:59:55

I purchased a Vetta I (upgraded w/ a variaxe input). about a year ago. I finally hooked it up to my laptop and ran monkey and it told me I must register first. The problem is that the serial numbers printed on the back are partially missing. Is there any way to register it w/o serial #'s? I believe I have the most recent version for this head 2.5 but it would be nice to get it registered so I can get into it via my laptop.

Re: Need help registering my Vetta
by DickFoster on 2013-03-23 14:57:43

This is what I found.

If your unit is missing the sticker with the serial number, please connect the unit to Line 6 Monkey (free download at use the ESN number shown on the left side on Monkey. Provide the ESN number when making your inquiry.

Congrats on having a Vetta with the digital upgrade which is next to impossible to do now.

Oh yeah 2.5 is the last and latest firmware update so you're likely all set and done anyway.

Re: Need help registering my Vetta
by dankrauel on 2013-03-24 15:44:49

Thanks Dick, I'll give that a shot. Just got a JTV-89 to go with it.... What a world of choice now!

Re: Need help registering my Vetta
by DickFoster on 2013-03-25 09:10:18

That's great. And I'm glad you got a Vetta that could support it but that just isn't possible for most folks anymore. 

I once thought I'd like to do that too but if I were to go the modeling route today, I think I'd try the Roland thing with a GK 3 hexaphonic pickup on my current guitar or move it to a future guitar and run it through a VG99 guitar modeler. I could even give their full on synth a try with their GR55 or what ever comes later. At least I'd have some options for the future along with a little flexibility.

With Line6 you're kinda locked in and I just don't trust Line6 for anything anymore since their attitude toward supporting their products has been shown to be so down right abysmal.

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