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Upcoming HD Workbench request: global string-to-string balance!
by rumrill1 on 2013-03-24 09:04:41

My biggest headache with Variax (I've had a V300 for 6 yrs & just bought a JTV59) has been getting the string-to-string balance set so that it sounds right in all the models I use. For example, I might set it so the s-t-s balance is perfect for an acoustic model, then find that the D string is howling loud in a Tele. I've been so annoyed with this that the main reason I got the JTV is that it has its own mag pups: I can set up the s-t-s balance for acoustics and use the mags for elec sounds. But this just helps; it doesn't really solve the problem. I'M HOPING THAT THE UPCOMING WORKBENCH HD WILL FINALLY ALLOW STRING-TO-STRING BALANCE ADJUSTMENT ON A PER-MODEL BASIS, INSTEAD OF GLOBALLY. There, I can turn my Caps Lock off now. That was my rant. . .

Re: Upcoming HD Workbench request: global string-to-string balance!
by Harold on 2013-03-25 16:47:03

I agreethis would be a great feature.

Lets hope

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