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MKII212 LED Screen?
by ninevoltmojo on 2013-03-27 10:51:44

Sorry to vent a bit with this post but I'm frustrated after much searching and no answers...Aside from the obnoxious differences between volumes on presets, aside from the channel volume knob seeming to be loose ( for no reason I know of) and not functioning properly/consistently, now I have to deal with the LED screen constantly showing me the little picture of the knob settings which in turn disrupts whatever else I am doing at the time.. If I am trying to use the shortboard to set up a loop, I can't do that when every time I look at the screen, it pops up a stupid image of the knobs and goes into whatever that mode is...That's a TERRIBLE feature. If I turn the knob to a setting, wouldn't you think I'd SEE THE KNOB AND KNOW WHAT IT IS SET TO??? I would love to know why this is happening ( it didn't do that when I first got the amp) and how to stop it because this thing is becoming more trouble than it was worth...anyone have any ideas? I am guessing after much frustration that it might have something to do with the channel volume knob being all weird. It doesn't seem as solidly connected as the others and it doesn't just raise or lower the volume as it should - the volume clips in and out when I raise or lower it, and it hasn't left the room or been bumped so who knows...I got several good months out of this amp, and now it's acting up even though I've never moved it or bumped it - it is in the exact same spot it was when I got it and set it up...I had decent luck with my HD100 Half Stack, played big shows with it for several years without a hitch...I loved the sounds and control conveniences, but this time, this MKII 212 is turning out to be annoying as hell...and no, the shortboard isn't the issue - neither is the brand new cable it attatches with...this happens whether or not they are attached...Hmmph. Again, sorry for the angry post. I'm sure anyone who has been through these issues understands it can get frustrating...

Re: MKII212 LED Screen?
by mtnman82 on 2013-03-27 22:13:45

Is it still under warranty?  If it is I'd have it looked at and taken care of.

Re: MKII212 LED Screen?
by esibanjack on 2013-03-28 09:37:11

Just a hunch, but I bet one of the knobs is bad. I don't believe any of the knobs are traditional "pots", but rather position sensors that send a signal to the processor. When they are working correctly they only send a signal when the knob is turned, which will briefly trigger the display to show the knob positions. If one of them is sending a constant signal it could cause the display to show nothing but the knob position screen.

I know the knobs can be super sensitive, and I seem to remember reading somewhere on this board about an issue where an amp head would make spontaneous changes on its' own when played at high volumes. The owner discovered that the vibration from the cabinet would cause the knobs to flutter, and their fix was to put rubber washers between the knobs and the amp to keep them from moving on their own.

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