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Panning (left/right) problem with POD farm
by Olioli on 2009-03-13 12:50:36


I'm using my PODxt through the POD farm plugin in Cubase SX3 (using the PODxt asio driver) and I have the following problem:

I can't change the panning of any track (=place it somewhere to the left or to the right) , I tried to do so through the PODfarm pan button and through the pan button in Cubase but my my track doesn't go to the left or to the right at all when I ask for it.

I noticed that when I use my soundcard asio driver I can do the panning but by doing this I can't have the PODfarm plugin effect running on my guitar tracks. So, is there something to activate somewhere? I guess that since that PAN button is present in the PODfarm plugin, it should work but in my case it doesn't...



Re: Panning (left/right) problem with POD farm
by ChaChing on 2009-03-13 14:56:18


Actually we have never tested POD Farm on CuBase SX3. If you are losing the ability to pan audio in CuBase, it is likely our driver is not compatible. That does not mean it WONT work, it simply means we cannot support it.


Re: Panning (left/right) problem with POD farm
by Olioli on 2009-03-13 15:28:30


Thanx for that information, I managed a way to be able to pan my track after applying the PODfarm.

Here's how to do it for those interested:

Using the POD asio driver in Cubase SX  I apply the POD farm effect (as an insert effect in the left, which doesn't modify the

unprocessed recorded guitar wav file), I tweak the parameters on POD farm until I like the sound.

Then I duplicate that track and on the duplicated one I  select the audio then in "Audio", "plugins" I choose "pod farm"

and click something like "apply" button right under the PODfarm graphic interface (my version is in french, "calculer") so that the audio wav file is converted with the pod farm effect I selected before (At that point if I still use the POD asio driver I'll hear the double of effects, so I inactivate the insert effect, the WAV has already been modified with applying the effect). Then I get back to my soundcard usual asio driver and, although I cannot longer apply PODfarm,

the effect has been included in the duplicated WAV file and I can pan it through cubase PAN button.

So now if I want to modify that sound again I go back to the POD asio driver and modify the original track and go through the same steps as before to

record that effect.

C u

Re: Panning (left/right) problem with POD farm
by ChaChing on 2009-03-13 16:37:39

Sweet. Glad to hear you got it running. Thanks for letting the community know!


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