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Stereo Input For POD X3
by rkellerhals on 2009-08-05 13:52:07

I own the Line 6 Pod X3 (which I absolutely LOVE) and I’m thinking about purchasing a third-party pedal that has stereo outputs (2 single 1/4” outputs).  But before I incorporate this pedal into my sound, I wanted to check if it would work with my Pod X3. 

I want the signal from my guitar to go through this pedal first before going into the Pod X3.  I would like to be able to take advantage of its stereo capabilities, so I was wondering… can I route the two outputs from the pedal into the Pod X3 by using the input (normally for the guitar) and the XLR input on the back as the second? Will I have to pan each tone (For Example: Tone 1: Pan Left and Tone 2: Pan Right) or can I keep the sound centered?  The Main input for the guitar isn’t stereo is it?

Thank you for the help.

Re: Stereo Input For POD X3
by Rowbi on 2009-08-05 14:16:22

no you don't need to pan, but i think you'll have to select the different inputs, one for each tone in the POD.  you may also find that the impedance the XLR input expects to see will mismatch to your other pedals output, and an X3L or X3Pro would be a better choice than your bean as they have dual 1/4" inputs that are perhaps better suited.

also think about your other pedal output.  is it stereo line level?  if so that may be an issue too.

Re: Stereo Input For POD X3
by rkellerhals on 2009-08-05 14:58:00
Yeah, I wish I had the money to switch to an XL3.  That would be perfect.

Regarding the impedence, here's some information about the pedal... The Nomimal output level is -20 dBu and the output impedence is 1 kohm.  Does that help or hurt my situation.

Re: Stereo Input For POD X3
by Line6Hugo on 2009-08-07 11:32:08

+1 to Rowbi

Sounds like it will work, but you will need to give it a try to find out as all pedals behave in their own way.



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Re: Stereo Input For POD X3
by db0451 on 2013-01-08 06:42:55

Has anyone ever managed to get stereo input on the X3, specifically the Live?

I just want a way to connect a stereo input (keyboard, etc.). As I supposed, and somewhat supported by earlier posts in this thread, perhaps it’s as simple as connecting L to Guitar In, and R to the the Live-specific Aux Input, then panning both.

I love the X3 Live, but this is the one thing I’m really missing. I know the POD Studio has 1 or 2 stereo line-ins (depending on model), but I can’t afford to buy that separately, and I don’t want to have to get rid of the X3 Live in order to basically downgrade to the Studio or something else.



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