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Switching Between a Spider Valve MkII HD100 an MkII 112 ?
by sgaeta on 2013-03-29 12:48:05

I currently play a Spider Valve MkII 112 with Spider 412 cab, I also use an FBV shortboard.

I'd like to buy an HD100 head and use it with the cab, leaving the combo at home. My question is this:

If I make changes to my settings, tones, etc. on the combo, will those changes carry over when I plug my shortboard into the HD100? I'd like to use the combo for modelling and not have to duplicate effort to get the same settings on the HD 100. Any advice is greatly appreciated.



Re: Switching Between a Spider Valve MkII HD100 an MkII 112 ?
by mtnman82 on 2013-04-05 17:08:18

The changes you make & store are saved in the amplifier itself, not the shortboard.

If you have the MkII shortboard, you can use Spider Valve MkII Edit software to store all (or any combination of) your settings and then transfer them to the other MkII.  The shortboard has the USB connection to your computer.

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