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tones - set lists - why don't these tones sound like those tones . . . .
by anek on 2013-04-05 14:22:59

    I am now a pretty avid user of the pod hd 500, in my worship band, as well as a country rock band here in Arkansas, these are a few things I learned in the process.

     Custom tones -

    unless you have the same rig, mics, playing attack, amp tones and such as the person who did that awesome youube video or recording somewhere on the net, odds are, you WILL NOT sound like them, lol

     Learning curve -

    this pedal comes out of the box with more than a few SUPER great tones, but, in time, you will find many of the levels are mis matched, too gainy, or not enough gain or volumes for tasks needed live or otherwise. my best solution I found was to go here, read this discussion and download the setlists provided that suit your needs

    Live or Studio -

   I found that there is a fine line, between live and studio equality with this pedal, but once you find that sweet spot, it will love you back tonally and be proficient in both realms, take the time to get to know this pedal, its worth EVERY penny.

    If I am so happy, where are my tones? -

   I have not yet posted any that are worth hearing, but I will be very soon, a plethora of clean to low gain to high gain sounds that when applied to a mixer on a clean channel, or amp on a clean channel, with EQ at noon across the board, will yield an arsenal of tones.

        someone told me once, a players fingers are the tone . . . .

     I know different, every component on your guitar, as well as how you play, and so much more, are what creates YOUR tone. That being said, ive played yard sale quality guitars, and I have played 28k guitars through this pedal, and it covers a lot of ground tonally if set up properly. I love this pedal so much, ill be buying a back up pedal for the road.

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