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DT 25 Cracking Rosie Pops and Hums!
by juliancarosi on 2013-04-09 16:22:22

There seems to be lots of problems with crackling and popping with these amps.

I bought my DT 25 months ago, and it was not long before the noises started.  Last month the amp also started to die after about 20 minutes, with only a high pitched sound coming from the speakers.  I replaced the 12AX7B valve with a new one, as the old one was hanging out of its socket. This did not make any difference. Sent the amp back to the shop, which then passed it onto Line 6 for investigation.  They replaced the 2 EL84EH power valves and fixed the following problems:
Tech Quote
[Intermittent function/Noise: Wrong voltage region setting EU, should be UK, and also noisy output valves-V2/V3.  XFMR Power DT JR 220/240AC Transformer Wired Incorrectly.]

The amp is now back home, and it’s like having a whole new different amp. When I bought the amp, the sounds that I expected to get, I could not get, no matter how much I tried!

NOW!!!! It’s awesome. Even at low levels, it now sounds like the advertisements. In short…….. crackling and popping, and amps that cease to function, are not always just a matter of changing the valves.  The DT 25 is a technical beast and I’m so glad that I had it repaired by the Line 6 guys. 
I just hope that it stays healthy for longer than last time. 

Has anyone else had the same problems?

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