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POD XT Live Setup Fx Send / FX Return (AMP)
by jvrock84 on 2013-04-09 18:56:08


I got a few questions about setting up my PODXT with a Marshall MG100DFX Amp. Please I really need your help (I know you guys have more experience than me)

First, this is my setup:

  1. Cable from FX SEND into INPUT on my PODXT.
  2. Cable from OUTPUT Left on PODXT (mono) into FX RETURN on my amp.
  3. Guitar plugged into front of my amp.

These are my Questions:

  1. By going like this, is there a way that I could damage my PODXT?
  2. The "Output Mode System "should be: Combo Pwramp?
  3. The "level knob" on the back of my PODXT should be 100%?
  4. The "Effects Loop Mix knob" of my amp should be 100%?
  5. The "GAIN knob" of my amp should be...? (50%? 30%?)
  6. Why do I have the feeling that the "EQ" is not doing anything on my sound using this setup?
  7. Any suggestion on the way that you guys set your PODXT better?

I'm sorry about all the questions, but I'm trying to get the best sound. I used to setup my guitar on the podxt and direct on the front of my amp using the "Studio Direct" Output mode, but I think this is incorrect.

Please Help me, thanks....

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