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Another dead Express MK II - resumed -
by giaturr on 2013-04-13 10:21:57.9410

The original topic with the same title is blocked,.. so I started a new one.

I've already opened a ticket, with these words:


Got a used Fbv Exp MkII, worked fine. Already latest firmware. I used it to upgrade Spider IV 75 firmware and all went ok. As i unplug the Fbv from usb it started behave strangely, with led flashing and pedals not working. After several restarts it suddenly worked again. Use it as interface with Spider IV editor, latest version. The operation seemed a little slow, but it worked. Then i Read a preset from Spider and the software get stucked at 0%. After some minutes I kill the program and unpluged Fbv. From that moment it's completely unusable. It only light the second led from the left (tuner led) and the only pedal that seems alive is the B, when pressed it lights its own led and the first right led of the tuner. Fbv does not go into calibration mode in any way. The same happens with Usb power supply (without a computer, only a usb battery charger like iPhone) and with RJ45 power supply from the Spider.


I tried again after some minutes, just to see if it could word as an interface for the Spider. With both usb and rj45 connected I got some hum from the speaker, and then all the leds turned off.

Now, as I power the fbv, I got only a fast blink of all leds, and nothing more.

Since the original thread is a bit old, I was wondering if anyone managed to solve the Fbv problem.

I' m from Italy and the unit isn't under guarantee anymore,...... maybe I should start thinking about a new shortboard (if this model is not affected by this great BUG)?

Re: Another dead Express MK II - resumed -
by giaturr on 2013-04-14 10:21:32.6310

It's me again, I've read a bunch of post with user with the same or similar problem:">"> (10/2011)">"> (09/2011)">"> (01/2012)">"> (08/2011)

So it's definittely a common issue.

In all the above cases, the user ended up NOT using anymore the USB connection, once and when they got their unit replaced.

Is it true, no word from Line6 expert about this topic, apart from a 'open a ticket' that, as far as I can see from the above posts, never solved the problem? This is not a good thing!

Could anybody tell me (us) if the problem is ONLY for the Express?

I own tons of Line6 gear, and I'm very sorry to say that this known and unresolved (maybe non one ever tried) big problem will make give me some bad thinking about the company. Maybe a bad product, but we (the customer) should be aware of this.

Re: Another dead Express MK II - resumed -
by giaturr on 2013-04-15 23:58:57.2910

I got the answer to my ticket: they say to reinstall the firmware, but Monkey does not see the unit at all. No way.

So I'm going to throw it away.

Just wondering if a new one will last the same few minutes, after using Spider Edit.

Please give me some feedback: does anyone use without an issue Spider IV Edit via FBV Express MKII?

Re: Another dead Express MK II - resumed -
by fflbrgst on 2013-04-16 05:24:42.0690

To answer your last question:  yes!

But, when I first got my Spider IV and FBV MkII Express, I could not get Monkey to recognize/see my FBV.  I eventually used another computer and was able to install the updated firmware.

Re: Another dead Express MK II - resumed -
by giaturr on 2013-04-21 00:05:36.0560

So I found the forbidden subject.

No Line6 expert ever reads this forum, maybe.

The story ends in this way: the ticket is absolutely useless, since they're telling me to install the firmware again... But how can I if the FBV doesn't power up?

Maybe it was a defective unit (a bunch of them, indeed), but I don't understand why nobody at Line6 can admit the fact.

I wish they put a warning or a document about this problem.

Re: Another dead Express MK II - resumed -
by fflbrgst on 2013-04-22 06:43:29.7770

First step is to try another computer.   If you are unable to install the firmware again, then reply to the ticket, that you can't and then they should provide a return authorization, or instruct you to bring it to an authorized service center.  Sometimes its easier to call than to do it via ticket.

Re: Another dead Express MK II - resumed -
by giaturr on 2013-04-23 00:00:13.5670

It's not a computer issue anymore. The FBV doesn't power up, nor with usb cable or rj45. Only a brief flash in the tuner led.

It's written in my previous message.

I already replied 3 times to the ticket, but Line6 has stopped reading it. They say the unit is not field serviceble, and I understand it means I can throw it away. I'm in Italy, and the authorized technical service is asking me the same price I would pay for a new unit.

So, in my opinion, this is definitly a bad mark in Line6's technical assistence.

Re: Another dead Express MK II - resumed -
by fflbrgst on 2013-04-23 05:43:38.4400

Sorry you are having issues with it.  Sounds like it is out of warranty?  If that's the case, then yes you would need to pay for a new one.  If its under warranty, then the repair center should not be charging you.  If Line 6 closed the support ticket, they will no longer be looking at it for your responses, you would have to open a new one.

Re: Another dead Express MK II - resumed -
by TheRealZap on 2013-04-23 05:50:39.8510

you bought it used... you never had a warranty and have no idea how the unit was treated by the previous owner...

buying used is taking a chance....

i have to disagree about the tech support...

first... you've never given them a dime... you bought it used...

the fact that they respond to you at all, is a gift not a paid service.

besides... things break and the answer is not always able to be had over a phone call.

it may well be something very easy to fix internally... but they do not support unqualified users to work on the internals of any equipment.

sounds like you have nothing to lose by looking at it yourself if you feel you can fix it...

sorry about your bad luck with this... it happens...

Re: Another dead Express MK II - resumed -
by giaturr on 2013-04-23 09:39:51.5720

Ok, I'm glad a L6 Expert User read my topic.

As a matter of fact, Zap, the point of my post wasn't "I want it repaired for free". It was more something like "it's a known issues, can anybody help me?".

I agree with you, buying used is taking a chance, but I carefully tested it all before buying. The fact it, FBV stopped working because I use it to uprgade Spider firmware AND to edit some patches. Exactly what it is designed for.

And I opened a ticket because it's not written anywhere that the service is ONLY for devices under warranty.

I gave them (you?) more than a dime, indeed. In 2012 I got a Dream Rig (jtv, hd500 and dt25), and in 2013 Spider IV with FBV Express.

Before reading from you or from tech support, I bought a brand new FBV Shortboard.

So, I'm still a great Line6 fan.

Just a little disappointed because (see my links above) this happened several times in the past, and there's no tech bulletin about it.

Should line6 have posted an announcement reading "please, never use FBV Exp before 2012 as an interface for Spider IV" i would have been happy, buying a Shortboard for this thing and keeping a usable Exp for smaller gigs.

Yes, blame on me: I bought a working used device and I use it the way it's intended to.

Anyway, Shortboard is far better, maybe not so bad luck.

Thanx Guys!!!

Re: Another dead Express MK II - resumed -
by TheRealZap on 2013-04-23 10:38:50.7320

didn't mean to offend... just saying stuff dies...

and different users handle the gear differently...

if you could pin all those topics back to one particular thing that caused the issue... then they would surely fix it.

but if it just stops working for a variety of reasons for a variety of users then you can't really call it faulty.

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