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I would like to get a head count of anyone experiencing "The Black Box Syndrome" past or present
by musicman39507 on 2013-04-13 18:43:50

                                      If you own a Line 6 amp and have experienced "The Black Box Syndrome" please reply and tell your story. State exactly when and how it started, what you did to try and fix it. If what you did worked. If you contacted Line 6. Exactly what you were told by Line 6. Exactly what did Line 6 do to get your amp repaired. Please responde with anything concerning your experience with "The Black Box Syndrome".

                                      My story is my amp ( Line 6 Spider III 75 Watt ) was working perfectly. Then one day I turned it on and there was nothing. The only thing that lit up was the lcd display and all it showed was 8 black boxes. The first thing I did was to take it to the place I purchased it which is an authoorized service center. They contacted me 3 weeks later saying that my mainboard ( processor ) was out. They quoted me a repair price of close to $200.00. At that time I opted not to have them repair it. After I got the amp back I started the long search for a new mainboard. It was about that time I started seeing just how many other customers had this same problem with their Line 6 amps. I also discovered just how hard it is just to get parts for any Line 6 amp, but finally I found one and ordered it. I changed the mainboard myself which is just the matter of 5 small screws and 2 cables which snap off and on and the guitar input with one plastic nut holding it in place. Not a major undertaking. I changed the mainboard and still only my lcd display lights up with 8 black boxes. So apparently my mainboard is not the problem. But it cost me $40.00 at the authorized service center for them to diagnose the problem and it's not even the problem. I wish that Line 6 would answer me as to why my amp had to be brought to an authorized service center when apparently at least this one wasn't compitent enough to properly troubleshoot the problem. Since then I have been trying to discuss this problem with my amp ( The Black Box Syndrome ) and they completly run away from the subject and hurry to mark my ticket as closed after they give the same answer " take it to an authorized service center ", they mark the ticket as closed before we have any discussion on me having brought this amp to an " authorized service center ", and them failing to diagnose the problem. My amp is out of warranty and as soon as Line 6 finds this out they abruptly stop talking to me. I don't see any reason whether the amp is in or out of warranty why I cannot be told what exactly the problem is. I bought this amp, I own it, It's my property, I have all the right in the world to know anything what so ever I want to know about it. They can run around the bush with everything else, but that's the one thing they cannot run away from, that any information we want about the product we purchased should be provided to us. One last thing is that yes I tried all the factory resets.

                                          Well thats my "Black Box Syndrome" story. Please share yours. Cause I'm sure your just as curious as I am of how many others have experienced this and what was their experience in dealing with Line 6. Also I am curious to see just how closely all the stories are related to each other.

                                          Thank you all for reading this and I'll be looking for all your replies.

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