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Can't get rid of short slap ???
by geppert on 2013-04-14 21:35:37

Before I open a support ticket I thought I would ask the forum about this issue.

Spider IV120 about 2 years or so old. Working fine up until a day or so ago.

I noticed some unwanted distortion coming from clean tones. I noticed specifically that Sine Chorus was distorting in the post position .... never did that before.

So ....

I re-Initialized the amp ..... no difference.

I re-flashed the amp with 2.0 firmware .... this seemed to fix the distortion problem however I now have a very short slap on everything. Turning up and off all the fx knobs does not get rid of it. Using Line 6 Edit to make sure there are no efx active still doesn't get rid of it. Nothing gets rid of it. It is on ALL amp models exactly the same. One would call it "non removable global slap".

I am thinking it is a DSP chip issue? Has anyone experienced this problem and has a solution ???

I am thinking of maybe going back to an earlier firmware to see if it is still there then coming back to V2.0.

Thnaks in advance for any advice .....

Re: Can't get rid of short slap ???
by fflbrgst on 2013-04-15 05:27:17

First thing I'd suggest is try reloading the software again, maybe there was a glitch when you did it the first time.  Most likley, Line6 techwill ask you to try that first time as well.

Re: Can't get rid of short slap ???
by geppert on 2013-04-15 06:24:23

I did a few times and I "think" it might be fixed now? I even went back to V1.5 the back to V2.0. Have to check it later today when I have a bit more time. Will report findings back.

Re: Can't get rid of short slap ???
by geppert on 2013-04-16 10:04:39

Update on the situation for those interested.

In my case, I have this amp going into a mixer (along with my computer and some other audio devices) so I can monitor everything though my FRFR desktop mixing speakers (Mackie 824 MKII). Turns out the cable from amp to mixer had a short at the cable adaptor into the mixer and it was causing any "stereo" efx to distort (the Sine Chorus is stereo if positioned Post). Once I discovered and fixed that issue the distortion problem disappeared.

After a few repeated flash updates the amp appears to be back to normal without the short slap delay that was appearing on all the presets. Not sure why that specific issue happened in the first place but it was probably just a DSP "glitch" (technical term).

I did open a support ticket and was told to try re-flashing to see if the problems stopped, and if not, "send it in for service". When I started to think about the cost of doing that, RT amp shipping costs, labor to diagnose, labor to fix, parts to fix, etc., I probably wouldn't have done it since I have other amp options this little guy would have turned into a 2 x 10 cab.

So as they say .... I am back in business.

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