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I got noise from TBP12 for Relay G50
by kuretsuki on 2013-04-17 02:10:57


I got noise from TBP12 for Relay G50.

like this problem

I tried that disconnect the pin4 and shield.

And stopped noise.


Can anyone tell me if there's a possible cause.

Re: I got noise from TBP12 for Relay G50
by dboomer on 2013-04-17 15:11:26

In the example you cited the noise was unrelated to the cable and occurred whether or not the cable was connected.

Cutting the connection to pin 4 still allows the system to function but the noise should be slightly higher if stop do.  The system will be a bit noisier if you were to use a Shure cable for example as they do not connect the shield to pin 4 as in the Line6 cable.

Hard to say without actually seeing and measuring the unit.  They are very quiet but as all things electronic there is always noise at some level.  If you run that into a super high gain amp then you will be amplifying that noise and at some point will be able to hear it.  That's normal.  Now if you are getting noise running into a normal to low gain input we would have to look for something else.

How long have you had this unit and was it always this way or is this something new?  Can you send the serial number of the transmitter please?

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