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How to keep the sound identical between using headphone and real amp?
by vadar0503 on 2013-04-17 12:18:16

Thank you guys, I am a HD500 user from Hong Kong. As I do not have a real amp, I keep using headphone as the output when I am practising at home and setting my tone. When I go to the band room outside, it often contains a Marshall JCM 2000 head amp with a cabinet, I want to use the preamp sim inside HD500 so as to prevent 4CM and keeps the stability of tone no matter when I am using headphone / real amp. Plugging into  "return" = only use the power amp and cab function of JCM, am i correct?. In fact, the tone is completly different between using headphone and real amp.

. Also, i found that the volume is very small even though I have put all the volume and master vol no matter in HD500 or JCM2000 to maximum!!

What should I do in order to keep the tone as identical as I can?

What  should be the output setting when I am using headphone at home? whole amp/pre-amp mode sim? need cab sim?

previous setting (which makes the tone not the same or similar):

1. at home and band room

output mode: stack pwr amp, whole amp sim with cab sim, 1/4 out: amp

Now what I have set, I guess it should be correct, but i haven't test it with a real amp yet, just a guess......

at home: output mode: direct/studio, pre-amp sim with no cab sim, 1/4 out" line 

I tried this with using headphone at home, the tone is really unacceptable no matter i use what pre-amp model, it is hopeless to get my favourite tone, however it should be the "perfect" setting in order to ensure no difference between using headphone and real amp. The perefct tone setting at home is using full amp sim with can sim, but I afraid the chain will be like this when i using JCM2000:

guitar > HD500 guitar in > HD500 full amp (pre + power amp + cab) > return (JCM power amp) > real 4x12 cabinet, it will have DOUBLE power amp and DOUBLE cabinet!!!! Will it alter the tone?

If I use full amp mode sim + cab sim at home, and then change to pre amp sim + no cab sim at band room, will the tone be altered greatly?

at bandroom: output mode: stack pwr amp, pre-amp mode sim with no cab sim, 1/4 out" line , then the chain should be:

guitar > HD500 guitar in > HD500 pre amp > return (JCM power amp) > real 4x12 cabinet

Truly thanks for your kind help. If the doubt cannot be solved, it means that  I can only set the tone with a real amp besides me, I cannot do anything at home. I would rather buy real pedal like TS9 and suhr riot instead....

Re: How to keep the sound identical between using headphone and real amp?
by PremiumJones on 2013-04-17 17:29:08

You cant, really. with headphones you have the little sub-watt or whatever amp thats in the HD500 driving little tiny speakers that are going directly ino your ears. All of those color the tone. The way you are using the JCM, you have the power amp and actual guitar speakers, and the air the sound travels through coloring the tone. Those two things will never sound the same.

You can try to compensate with EQ curves, or you can tweak a different set of tones to use live with the amp. The second option is the best option really. I would suggest you start with your headphone patches, and tweak them to sound more like what you want from the amp. You will HAVE to do this at the volume you intend to play, and it is very strongly reccomended that you have the rest of the band going at the same time. THe only way to tweak good tones for any given purpose is to tweak them WHILE that purpose is happening, in my experience.

In general, you want to set it like so for the different purposes -

Headphones = Studio/Direct mode, Line level, full amps, cabs, mic sims on.Output mode makes no difference in this case, as it only applies to Live mode, not Studio/Direct.

Live through amp = Live mode, Line level, pre amp only, no power amp, cab or mic (since you have a real power amp, cab, and mic) Output mode set to whatever sounds best, but I would start with StackAmp.

Re: How to keep the sound identical between using headphone and real amp?
by StephenSLR on 2013-04-17 20:23:22

Have a read here:

particularlysection C & D to give you some ideas.

Also, good to read the whole guide.


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