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POD HD Desktop - Assigning Volume Pedal on MKII
by aholland on 2013-04-19 16:05:31

I have an HD Pro and a HD desktop ( for my spare). On the HD desktop, I cannnot asign my volume pedal in my patch to the volume pedal on the mkII.

On the HD Pro, the same patch, the volume shows up as FS7. On the HD desktop, when I assign the volume pedal in the patch  to FS7, the wah light on the MKII is on, and the volume pedal does not do anything. I am stumped. What works so easy on the Pro is not working on the Desktop. What am I missing?

Any assistance willbe greatly appreciated.

BTW made the move from XT Pro to HD Pro......LOVE the HD Pro!!!!!!!

Thanks in advance!


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