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How to get a good sound with an acoustic guitar
by tochiro on 2013-04-21 09:05:34


I have an 20D with 2 L3Ms and have problems getting a good sound with my acoustic guitar.  I have a Baggs M80 soundhole pickup installed in my dreadnaught Martin HD28 and the sound I get in the speakers is slightly aggressive and medium.  I tried to remove 2 frequencies (400kHz and 1200kHz) but I still get a sound that is not very pleasant to my ear.

Any advice with this PA?  Thank you!

Re: How to get a good sound with an acoustic guitar
by ArneLine6 on 2013-04-21 11:51:48


With acoustic guitars and pickups there are often some exaggerated mid frequencies. In the Deep Tweak EQ try to cut around 2.7kHz by 6db with a Q of 2.5 and then move the frequency up and down to find the best position and then try different gains. Every pickup is different so I hope this works.

Re: How to get a good sound with an acoustic guitar
by antonioctd on 2013-04-23 03:58:07

Its very hard to get a good acoustic guitar sound live. With any PA.

ArneLine6 gave you a nice starting point. But as he said, every PU is different.

I usually go to the deep tweak EQ, set a frequency to a high Q (2 or more), boost it more than 10db (lower your volume to do this) than search around with frequency sounds worse. Do this by playing the guitar and twisting the frequency encoder all across de spectrum at the same time.

When you find that "aggressive and medium" ( ) frequency just bring it down to a negative Db value using the gain encoder. Also, decrease the Q to make the dip wider and less artificial sounding...

Always use the encoders for this. Using the touchscreen will give you trouble because you will always affect various parameters at once... Like changing the gain and your hand shaking a little bit changing the frequency also...

Hope it helps

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