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pod x3 LCD contrast
by Toadfuckyou on 2013-04-23 05:55:38

i have a pod x3 LCD contrast problem. it started working OK but started to change. now it is almost not readable. the back lite is working and i can see something but it it not readable. i have reinstalled the firmware. no change. everything else seems to work OK. it acted like a heat problem. Please advise.

tom 04232013

Re: pod x3 LCD contrast
by silverhead on 2013-04-23 06:12:43

This sometimes indicates a problem with the power supply unit. Check for frayed/split connections where the wires join the PSU wart. Also check the power button on the X3 - sometimes that becomes loose. If possible try a new power supply:

If a new PSU does not fix things your X3 needs to be repaired.


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