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JM4 Looper won't read files from SD card?
by DavidMBennett on 2009-08-23 10:58:29

Can anyone assist please.  Just purchased JM4 Looper. Loaded backing tracks from web onto my Macbook pro. Formated SD card on JM4 Looper, loaded wave files to SD card but JM4 Looper says 'no source files on card'? Same when trying to load upgraded firmware onto the JM4 Looper. Existing software version on my Looper is DSP 2.09 / MCU 1.05. There also after inserting the SD card, scroll to Firmware upgrade, press enter and message says... 'Firmware not found on root directory".  can anyone assist on this as need to load Wave files urgently.

Many thanks guys,


Re: JM4 Looper won't read files from SD card?
by Kneehow on 2009-08-25 15:19:12

The SD card (should not be a mini SD inside an adapter, by the way) should be no larger than 2GB in terms of storage capacity.

If you're trying to update the firmware (which you don't really need to if you already have 2.09), the fw.bin file needs to be in the "root" of the SD card. If you wish to import 16-bit MONO 44.1Khz (only!) .wav files, they need to reside inside the Line6 directory of the SD card.

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