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Pod X3 Live and Snow Leapord (Mac OS)
by graycom on 2009-09-17 14:44:23

I just installed the new Mac OS and now Gearbox and Garage Band no longer see my Pod X3 Live. Does anyone know if this is a known problem and if there is a fix.



Re: Pod X3 Live and Snow Leapord (Mac OS)
by silverhead on 2009-09-17 15:50:19

Yes there's a known problem - the X3 series is not compatible with Snow Leopard.

There's an ongoing status report on the situation in one of hte Announcements at the top of the main X3 Discussions Forum page. Here's the current copy:

Attention Line 6 USB audio interface/device users: Mac OSX 10.6.x (Snow Leopard) is currently not supported by Line 6. We expect to be implementing support for Snow Leopard soon.

While you are free to try installing our software on this new operating system, we will not be guaranteeing issue-free operation on 10.6.x systems. Using Leopard OSX 10.5.x would be the recommended platform by Line 6 for Mac Users' productivity at this point in time.

For further information, please use the following link:

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OSX Snow Leopard User Group:

Re: Pod X3 Live and Snow Leapord (Mac OS)
by jorgemm88 on 2012-05-15 10:51:43

Hi i have same problem it`s 2012 do youhave the driver or not yet ???? help me please thanks

Re: Pod X3 Live and Snow Leapord (Mac OS)
by TheRealZap on 2012-05-15 10:58:49

it's long ago been made compatible with snow leopard and now lion...

not so much in 2009... but i did fuel up the dolorean to make sure that this would still be true tomorrow... and you're all set.

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