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Transfering POD Farm Licenses
by ShaneWooding on 2009-10-17 06:39:04

This weekend I bought an iLok that has a POD Farm license on it purchased from Line6 by the original owner.

I've installed the iLok with drivers etc sucessfully and then proceeded to install POD farm using the latest POD Farm v1.1 installer downloaded from the line6 website.

The installation goes ahead normally and installs a shortcut on the desktop. but after completion of installation, clicking on the shortcut, a windows box opens indicating that Windows is looking for POD Farm.exe but cannot find it.

Checking in C:\Program Files\Line6/POD Farm\ there is only one folder called VST and it contains the file Pod Farm.dll. There is no POD Farm.exe installed.

I guess there is some missing step somewhere but cant figure out what it is. Can someone please help me with this.

The iLok has a legitimate license for POD Farm purchased by the original owner. surely I an use this license as I've bought if from him with the iLok

Help Please


Re: Transfering POD Farm Licenses
by ShaneWooding on 2009-10-17 07:29:53

In addtion, I've read a few other posts on this and would like to add the following:-

1. The license for POD Farm is original and absolutely resides on the iLOK that is recognised at the iLOK website.

2. I've read the icon only works with stand alone none iLOK version of  POD farm, never the less there are no line 6 insert effects available in Cubase my DAW.

3. Therre are no files installed in the C:\Program Files\Line 6 folder, despite the fact I have run the installer 3 times (I have uninstalled the software after every attempt and deleted the Line6 folder). I have removed old software I used to use with my PODxt and BODxt.

4. I have downloaded the 113 MB installer file twice, neither version works

Was thinking to uograde to Platinum if this works well but so far, not so.....


Re: Transfering POD Farm Licenses
by ShaneWooding on 2009-10-17 19:35:06

Just for the record......I've sorted it out now...

Turns out that the installer did not install POD Farm properly. The POD Farm application itself was not installed and I had to locate and move files around to correct folders (line6/POD Farm and Steinberg/VST plug-ins) to get POD Farm to work inside Cubase.

Sounds good now but it was a real pain to fix.............  

Re: Transfering POD Farm Licenses
by Line6Hugo on 2009-10-20 16:34:42

I'm glad you were able to sort out the issue.



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