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Has the X3 Live power supply (PX-2) been beefed up???
by getarpicker on 2009-10-24 10:12:03

I need to get another power supply for my X3 Live.  Like many others, the lead has frayed right at the strain relief on the transformer.  Has Line 6 upgraded the unit?  I saw on E-bay a picture of one that looked like it had a more robust cable from the transformer to the connector.  The cable was round and looked to be bigger instead of the 2 wire original .   Can anyone from Line 6 confirm this.  I'm not wasting my money on a the fragile original unit that just can't hold up under typical use. 

Re: Has the X3 Live power supply (PX-2) been beefed up???
by TheRealZap on 2009-10-24 11:19:02

i can't directly answer your question... but my PX2 is fine... and you really have no choice but to replace it with the exact same unit or risk serious damage... the PX2 delivers AC power... any after market adapters for effects will deliver DC...

maybe one that replaces it directly exists... with the correct volts/amps and AC but i've not seen it.

my advice would be to take better care of your stuff... i've never heard anyone complain about this... and i've gone through many versions of the L6 gear that use the same PX2 (XTL, XT, X3, Variax)

in either case... my advice is get the PX2, hell get 2, have one for backup if its that much of an issue for you.

Re: Has the X3 Live power supply (PX-2) been beefed up???
by getarpicker on 2009-10-24 11:52:31

yes, I know that the transformer is 9Vac.   My quadraverb had one also.  I can probably fix the one I have by cutting into the strain relief and soldering it.    I guess it could be a back up for when the new one breaks.   I orderd one from the place on e-bay where the picture showed a more robust power lead.  But when I got it, it was the same as my original...(I was hoping it was an old version)  I can send this one back and will if  I can find out if the current power supply has been upgraded with more durable leads....It would be worth an extra buck or two to get a better product.

Re: Has the X3 Live power supply (PX-2) been beefed up???
by timowens on 2009-10-24 12:47:00

Here is one I bought as a backup, it does have the heavier gauge cable like you are describing but I had to change the end on it to fit the X3L. You might find them cheaper somewhere else, we have an account where I work so we get a little discount.

Re: Has the X3 Live power supply (PX-2) been beefed up???
by getarpicker on 2009-10-25 10:46:26

If you've never heard of any problems with the power supply just seach the discussion board for "X3 Live power supply"

Re: RE: Has the X3 Live power supply (PX-2) been beefed up???
by Line6Hugo on 2009-10-26 15:42:33

The PX-2 power supply with the '2 wire' cable from the transformer to the POD X3 power input are the latest versions of the PX-2 power supply.  The ones with the single rounded cable are no longer manufactured.

  I have worked with few of them many times over with many products (used every day with many products), but have not had that type of failure from the power supply cable itself.  This must be due to how they are being stored or handled.  Something to keep in mind when you get a new one.



RE: Has the X3 Live power supply (PX-2) been beefed up???
by Line6Hugo on 2009-10-28 09:50:01


It's been a few days since we've heard from you. We're going to assume your question has been answered and close this thread. If you still have questions please feel free to open a new question with us and we will answer your questions accordingly. Thanks!



Re: RE: Has the X3 Live power supply (PX-2) been beefed up???
by ralphonz on 2011-09-06 10:51:59

I would like to point out that i own a XT live and X3 live and have had to replace adaptors for each three times over.  My lat one lasted only 5 gigs.  The problem is exactly as described above where the lead freys at the strain relief next to the transformer.  The old one that came origionally with my XT live lasted a lot longer than the newer version.

Suffice to say these power adaptors have caused so many hairy moments when on the road that I am considering moving away from Line 6 just because of this!!  I mean, i've had to spend an extra £100 on PX-2 power adaptors!?  And they all fail in the same place on the unit.  I take good care of my stuff and use a number of laptops, synthisisers and mixers in my live shows over the years and have never had to replace the power adaptor for another piece of equipment (except a dell laptop).  In fact i've been giging with my Korg MS2000 for longer than my XT live and the origional power supply is still going strong!

I think this deserves looking into and would urge line 6 to do something about it.  It's really put me off buying future line 6 products.

Re: RE: Has the X3 Live power supply (PX-2) been beefed up???
by TheRealZap on 2011-09-06 11:04:26

the newer stuff doesn't use the PX-2...

i also take care of my stuff and have never had a problem...

some people apparently just have poor luck....

you might want to look into the heavy duty third party PSU that Tim Owens linked to.

Re: RE: Has the X3 Live power supply (PX-2) been beefed up???
by miketradition on 2012-07-30 14:09:14

I own several Line 6 products and not have had too many problems with them. However, I would like to bring up an observation about Line 6. They seem to invest a lot into R&D and all of the products seem to have a plethera of features. It seems that a lot of dollars are spent in marketing also. A lot of slick videos. The areas where I think Line 6 lacks in is their tech support and durability in their products. Like I said I haven't had too many problems, but I have seen quite a few others have problems with plastic switches breaking, and in this case, cords breaking. One would think that the POD X3 Live (key word LIVE) is meant for heavy use and should be beefed up. Maybe this is why the POD X3 live was discontinued. With this all said, it may cause other Line 6 owners to abandon their products. I just think that they could come up with a better power supply cord, and don't concentrate as much on marketing. If the product is good, it will sell itself. Just an observation like I said.



Re: RE: Has the X3 Live power supply (PX-2) been beefed up???
by johnpicton on 2012-08-01 01:26:25

Hi Mike

as you said - just an observation - and of course you are perfectly at liberty to express it.

I did notice that you said that you have had a number of Line 6 products and not too many problems - same here - and I think that is likely to be the case for 99.9% of Line 6 owners.

But a point to note is that this is a support forum, chances are that the vast majority of initial posts are going to be problems. Human nature is that very few people will go to the bother of searching out a support forum to say "Hey you know what guys everything is fine".

When you consider the huge numbers of units that Line 6 sells there will be some issues for some people - but proportionate to the number of units sold I am willing to bet it is no worse in general than other manufacturers, and in many cases is probably better.

I think that people sometimes get the wrong impression of Line 6 gear because of this forum. Fact is that unlike most other support forums Line 6 leaves all of the posts in place - even the negative ones - as it might be of help to other users. This thread is a very good example of that.... It was started nearly 3 years ago.

I also don't agree that money shouldn't be spent on marketing - it is very unlikely in this day and age that products will sell in vast numbers just through word of mouth. And remember - the more units they sell the more money they will earn to plough back in to more R&D.

I don't think their products are perfect and sure there are some niggles (like why on earth is there not a power switch on the HD500!) but I own products by Boss, Roland and Lien 6 - Line 6 in my opinion are no worse than those with regard to build quality and longevity.

Also whenever I have had support issues (I had the USB audio drop out issue) they have been dealt with quickly and effectively by Line 6.



Re: RE: Has the X3 Live power supply (PX-2) been beefed up???
by jip01 on 2012-08-19 06:10:10

Hi (first to LINE 6 On-line Community)

I know this is an old thread but I wish to support the initial post by saying that I've experienced the power insulation cable cracking at the point of exit of the power adapter (SY-09200A-SA) that connects to my POD X3 LIVE.  Upon my first observation of the "brittleness/stiffness" of the plastic insultation cable, I made a conscious effort not to bend this cable excessively at acute angles by tying the cable very loosely.  To my suprise, it seems that this particular effort was not even enough to avoid the plastic insulation to crack.

I know that the power adapter is still available from a local vendor at a replacement cost of appox. $50AUS, but I have concern about a same/similar repeat failure.  To assist my decision whether I consider a generic adapter (ie Austrlalia: 240V Input @ 50Hz, 12V Output @ 2000mA, with the plug tip positive), could you please confirm whether this power adapter is regulated or unregulated?  I assume that the power supply is regulated given that all sensitive electronic devices mostly require regulated supply.

Kind Regards,


Re: RE: Has the X3 Live power supply (PX-2) been beefed up???
by jip01 on 2012-08-21 20:04:09

Hi All,

I've finally decided to purchase a Line 6 replacement PX-2 power supply at a higher cost but greater convenience than finding a suitable generic power supply for POD X3 LIVE.  I wish to provide feedback of the replacement power supply unit:

  • the model number is described as "PX-2g" (marked for Australian voltage)
  • The power cable from the wall plug to the adapter seems to be of the same/similar quality...which is still suitable in my opinion
  • The powe cable from the adapter to the plug (ie. to POD X3 LIVE) is definately thicker and more robust compared to the original cable described in my original posting above.  This is a marked improvement.  Still not totally pliable as I would wish for as it still has a degree of bending memory after rolling/unrolling the cable, though it's safe to say that the weakness experienced at the exit point from the adapter has been adequately addressed by the plastic insulation being thicker.

In summary, the replacement power supply unit has been "beefed up".  Well done Line 6 for continuing developing products and acting on constructive feedback from their clients/customers.



Re: RE: Has the X3 Live power supply (PX-2) been beefed up???
by davyboy139 on 2013-03-25 19:53:17

I'm not sure if this issue is ready to be put to rest.  I purchased an X3 live and have been using it now for about 5 years.  In this time I have had to replace the power supply unit 3 times.  The most recent replacement was about 3 months ago.  The problem has been the same.  The smaller wire has frayed at the block.  This time I decided to tape the end into the block to beef up the connection.  3 months later and I'm getting the same fraying.  I take good care of my equipment and even took measures to prevent the previously encountered problem.  This power supply is inadequately manufactured for the type of use it receives. As of now I'm receiving a great deal of buzzing through the system but I'm reluctant to buy another piece of junk oem power supply unit.  Although realistically, this seems to be the only alternative.  Maybe Line 6 can lower the MSRP to $8.00 which is what these substandard units are worth.  As for the rest of my line 6 equipment I'm happy and impressed with the technology.  Can we get a message to Line 6 to make a stronger power supply to where the wire from the pod plugs into the brick relieving the stress at that point.

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