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Hiss problem with new Spider Jam
by steveguttman on 2009-11-06 04:22:48


Not sure if this is a problem, but something doesn't seem right. When I have the volume cranked up around level 4 or 5 I get a hiss sound from the amp. The problem seems to be directly related to the mic input. When I turn the mic trim nob up the hiss gets worse. Even with the mic trim nob turned all the way down and the mic input level set to off, i still hear the hiss starting around level 5 of the master volume. As a note, if I plug in the headphones I don't hear any hiss.



Re: Hiss problem with new Spider Jam
by joegillespie on 2009-11-06 08:34:05

You need to turn down the MIC input level. Press INPUT/LEVEL button twice. MIC should be selected and the LCD reading shows something between -60 and +20 dB. Use the large silver knob to wid the MIC input level down to about -10 dB and the hiss should go. Keep the MIC sensitivity down to about half way, or off completely of you are not using a mic.

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