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ToneCore-based bit crusher
by RedPandaCurt on 2009-11-06 18:13:17

Hi all,

We just released our first ToneCore-based guitar pedal.  It's a bit crusher:

Iused the ToneCore DDK in Parallels on a MacBook Pro.  Prototyped the algorithms using a combination of Octave, C++, and straight 56K assembly.  We ended up with 1276 words of program code after stripping out nops to save space (and accepting the pipeline stalls, of course).  For the labels, we have a guy who does thermal printing on flexible plastic.  Overall the project went very smoothly and we'd like to thank Line 6 for providing this open platform.  (It was also fun getting back to 56K assembly, which I haven't done since college 15 years ago.)

We weren't sure how people would react to a third party ToneCore module, but we've had some very positive feedback so far.

Re: ToneCore-based bit crusher
by PsiKTrOn on 2009-11-07 06:15:59

Congratulation !!

Sounds good and looks good too !!

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