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Syn+The+Si+Zer and PK Effects
by PsiKTrOn on 2009-11-17 03:18:52


I just want to introduce my website and my second effect.

The website is You will find there all the information about the effects I develloped and the ones I will release soon.

My new effect is called Syn+The+Si+Zer. It's an additive synthesizer.

I designed a custom pitch and amplitude detector with its own personnality. Then the information is used by four controlable waveform generators to create the final sound.

I post a youtube">">youtubevideo presenting the wide tonal range it can delivers on my website.


Re: Syn+The+Si+Zer and PK Effects
by PsiKTrOn on 2009-11-17 03:22:30

Oops, there is a problem with the youtube link. Sorry, here is the video of the Syn+The+Si+Zer.

Re: Syn+The+Si+Zer and PK Effects
by audioartillery on 2009-12-29 18:41:32

Nice job on the synth.  I was working on a pitch detection effect also, I've got a simulation with some crude detection that needs some tuning.  This is inspiring.

I like the bit about 2/3 in, reminds me of Muse.

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