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Variax Model determination?
by xanth on 2009-12-26 19:17:17

I received a Variax for Christmas from my daughter who bought it from an out of business line6 dealer as new old-stock.  I think it's probably at least 5 years old and there is nothing on it anywhere that I can find to determine what model it is.   The body shape and pick guard shape look like the 300 series, but the headstock looks like the 700 series and the fret board is rosewood, not maple,  the inlays are dots like the 300 series.  I'm guessing that it must be a 500 series, but I can't find a picture on the web site since the 500 series must be discontinued and replaced by the 700 series.  Is there any way I can verify for sure what model this is?

Re: Variax Model determination?
by skeletonpete on 2009-12-26 20:00:50

Your description certainly suggests you are the owner of a Variax 500. Though you didn't find an image of the guitar on the company website, simply Googling "Variax 500" should turn up plenty of images for you to compare against, like the one attached.




Re: Variax Model determination?
by amx05462 on 2009-12-27 04:43:35

pete  is  right  theres  an overabundance  of   500 pics  on the  net one  way you can tell a  500  from the  3   or 6 hundred  is  the  control  configuration.    the 300  and 600  have  inline  controls  the  500s  are  staggered  as  in the  photos.  the  model  selector  is marked  for  which model  your  playing . ive attatched  a  copy of the  variax model  chart  avalable  on the  web somewhere  but  i forgot   where  i got it  . you can still  probably   download  the   book  for it  .  might  be  at  line 6  site. the  chart too.

Re: Variax Model determination?
by Hey_Joe on 2009-12-28 16:21:00

as per amx05462's post

see attached

Re: Variax Model determination?
by zapposharkfin on 2010-01-07 14:04:16

How do you determine a Variax 500 from the 'original Variax', ie the first one before they introduced the model numbers?

If I remember correctly, it was 'renamed' to Variax 500 when the 700 model was introduced. So the question remains; how to identify 'Variax' vs. 'Variax 500'. Only by serial number?

I guess mine is 500 as I did not by it in the first wave, at that time I thought Variax was ugly. And now I like it's thin waist very much :-)

Re: Variax Model determination?
by amx05462 on 2010-01-07 14:35:09

acording to wickapedia.  there  one in the same.  they decided  to call it  a 500 when they came  out with  the 700 acording to them.  

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